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Heyo! Welcome to my AmeBella page! I love sharing my thoughts, chatting about lifestyle and I enjoy the world of beauty. There's so much of me that I have never shared before & hopefully along the way of this new journey you can find out about all the crazy, random things I get up to!

If you are like me & love this magical world of girly things in life then come join me in reading my blogs where I can share to you all my tips , advice and thoughts on things. I can show you from time to time what I get up to & will make blogs about my lifestyle.I am choosing to write about the enchanted, beautiful things I find & buy so that I can share it with each & every one of you so you can get involved & you can get to see my general opinions which can be both useful & helpful to you. This is a wonderful new thing for me & I am ready to start making blogs.

Its truly amazing to be able to see how my blog can progress, so when you explore my blog, I would like to take the privilege of saying Thank-You now to each & every one of you who takes the time to support, comment or take an interest in reading my posts. Xx

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