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Meeting the Sacconejolys!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Just as the post title says, today, I met the lovely Anna and Jonathan. 
The Sacconejolys are a family that share their lives every single day with vlogs on YouTube and I have been subscribed to their channel since the days Anna was pregnant with Eduardo. Every day at 6pm, mum and I watch and enjoy their vlogs.

They had a book signing at Milton Keynes for their new book, The Great Cat Nap (Congratulations on becoming an author Jonathan!). Despite my age, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it is exactly what I would have picked up as a child even if I had never heard of the Sacconejolys before. I never expected to go down to Milton Keynes, but as great as he is, Gareth surprised me by picking me up and taking me there to meet them.

They were just as lovely in person as they appear on camera. Anna looked even more beautiful in person and Jonathan was his happy self even despite the fact we were one of the last people in the queue  and they must have been exhausted by this point, (apparently Milton Keynes queue was one of the longest ones they had at the book signing tours). Just to hug them and to have my book signed by them both was amazing.

Gareth joined in on the photo, he's a good sport. Whilst he may not religiously watch them everyday like I do, he watches them with me whenever we are together. I'm very thankful to him for this whole experience. If you would like to hear the excitement in my voice from this day and to know more about my thoughts on the book then check out my YouTube video that I'll link below now for you.

I'll also leave the link to the vlog on their channel of the Milton Keynes book signing below. You can spot us towards the end of the video in the queue.

It was an amazing day meeting two lovely people. My mum would have loved to have gone but she had to work, but who knows, maybe a new book will be out soon and she can meet them then! Hope you guys enjoyed this slightly different post today, it was something I definitely wanted to document here on my blog.
Here's a few extra snippets:

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