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Zante 2017 - The holiday of dreams

Saturday, 26 August 2017

The last time I went to visit the beautiful country of Greece was when I was 13 with my parents and we stayed in Rhodes, it was my first 'grown up' holiday where there was nothing for children as such, and more of a place to get away to relax in peace and quiet and I loved it. 

Myself and Gareth have just come back from Zante and my goodness it was amazing (we went from the 18th August - 25th) We stayed in Argassi which is a small quiet village (away from all the clubs) and it was my first time going abroad without my parents which is kind of a big deal but I loved the responsibility. Isn't is funny how much can change in just 6 years from my first 'grown up' holiday. 

The breakfast area of the hotel was on the rooftop, they would open the roof in the evening for people that had evening meals there. We chose the breakfast only option as we wanted to explore the Greek restaurants. I have had Greek food before with my parents, but there were still some dished that I hadn't tried as I always used to play it very safe with foods and ate only what I knew. However, this year i tried moussaka (s it odd that I never had that before?) and a platter of all the different foods, my favourite meal has to be the Greek pizza, it was probably the biggest pizza I have ever had in my life...and probably the best tasting pizza too.

Everyday we did something completely different, one of the loveliest days had to be riding a little tourist train (it wasn't real) down the road to the town of Zankyntos, we got to explore the beautiful streets and shops and learnt a lot about the town's history in the museum. We were lucky enough to be able to witness the St.Dennis festival on the last night here which is a celebration in his honour that happens twice a year, there was fireworks too which we thoroughly enjoyed, seeing the town lit up was even more magnificent.

Can you believe that the hotel left a load of floats around for people to use, how cool do I look on this donut? Haha just kidding. It was however so much fun, I am craving some donuts now.

On the last day, we went on a turtle cruise, this was probably by far the most incredible thing we did in Argassi. The cruise allowed us to go to caves and hidden beaches that we could only access by boat, we went snorkling and saw so much under the clear waters, you can tell just by the photos how pure the water was there, although, very salty. Towards the end we had the opportunity to spot some endangered loggerhead turtles, they are very protected here and we had to be quiet at all time, there were a lot of rules in place for the boats in order to keep them safe. Not many people get the chance to see these turtles but we spotted two! The cruise lasted all day, and the money went towards a charity that protects them so it was all for a good cause too. We learnt so much, the images we got of the turtle aren't too clear by the videos I have are spectacular, I may have to upload a few clips in my holiday vlog over on my YouTube channel for you guys!

I'll send you all off with this beautiful sunset. This definitely isn't the last time in Argassi as I'd love to return again soon, maybe even to the same hotel as it was so lovely. As always thank you so muh for all your lovely comments from time to time, it's so nice to be able to share my experiences with you all, I highly suggest that if ever you get the chance, go to Argassi, it was such a wonderful experience there and it was a holiday to remember amongst many other holiday memories with my family growing up. It was fun being able to be independent, but I enjoy holidays with my mum and dad too, they're special. I love them both so much. 

As I am writing this, it is the 26th August and Gareth and I have just celebrated our 2 year anniversary together with cheesecake. I love you more than I love cheesecake Gareth. Happy 2 years together, thank you for always making me so happy, I am lucky to have you.

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