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Masquerade Ball

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Well I have officially completed my course (almost, dang all the coursework!) and it will soon be time to say goodbye to my college friends as we each go off to different paths. Just like at most colleges, we had a leaving ball with a masquerade theme. Different right? I love having a theme rather than just a simple prom as it just spices things up a bit more.

Before I tell you more about the enchanting night, if you would like to see a 'Masquerade GRWM' then go over to my new video now where I feature everything I wore to the ball.
Link to my video here: Masquerade GRWM

 I went for this lacy pink dress which I am kinda obsessed with. I know masquerade dresses are often dark and mysterious but I saw many dresses like this one when looking at different ideas on pinterest and I just went with it. It was unique and very me. 

Here's a few snippets of the evening:

 We didn't forget the masks, Gareth wanted to be a mysterious cat....let's just say he loves cats. The evening was full of lights, laughter and dancing. 

 Gareth couldn't company me on my actual birthday as he was taking his exams, so instead he set up a loving surprise for me when we got home. I was to close my eyes and walk in and when my eyes began to open, there was a glow, I walk up to see it was the candles standing upon the yummiest of cakes, or was the glow from the beaming smile that was on my face?

There was also the most beautiful Pandora set I have ever seen. The ring was a promise ring, I wear it every single day without fail. Thank you for the most magical evening Gareth, I'm truly very lucky 

Did your school have any proms this year? What was the theme? 

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