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A Touch of Autumn

Sunday, 30 October 2016

One thing I look forward too most in Autumn is the walks, a touch of Autumn colour is all it takes to make me feel warm and cosy to go outside and let my inner child be free crunching on all the leaves. I really love being out in the woodlands, listening to wildlife and just unwinding there's just something so peaceful about it. I think that we all spend so much time looking after our body physically that we often forget to look after our minds. You'll be surprised just how much you learn about yourself walking around somewhere with no distractions, just you and nature. I get excited when I see pine cones even because I think of all the fun crafts I get to do when I am back home by the fire defrosting.

 I often bring along an oversized scarf, a flask of hot chocolate (or anything pumpkin spiced) and lets not forget my camera. I love getting ready for Halloween, even though it isn't one of my favourite things to celebrate, I still enjoy getting pumpkins to carve/ paint. Let me know in the comment section below if you'd like to see some Autumn crafts, or maybe even a YouTube video using only what I find on my walk. 

Take a moment today to walk outside

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