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1 Year Together ♥

Friday, 26 August 2016

Today was a happy , loved up day. Gareth and I celebrated one year together.

Our story officially began when we met face to face at a university open day, he helped me find my way around, we got on so very well and chatted for a long time, it literally was love at the first sight.

After many first dates, he met my parents.
He came over to help my parents sort out photos on the computer, it took hours! Anyway... the important part here is that they liked him! They both thought he was lovely and well mannered. We have been on so many adventures already, and they're always so enjoyable just because he is there by my side making me feel not only happy, but safe. 

So today to celebrate our first year as a couple Gareth had a few surprises planned! As we got to his place he told me to close my eyes and he guided my through the door. As I opened my eyes, I was in my extreme love- mode. I ran and hugged him as he had placed 12 helium- filled balloons in total (you cant see them all) around the room, one for each day of the month (1 year) with little felt hearts hanging down with attached flowers and glitter on them. His mother showed him how to sew and make the hearts, and he did the rest, its really sweet.

Much later he had another little surprise up his sleeve 
He made a booking at the same restaurant we went too on our very first dinner date!

Everything was so romantic. 

The food was so nice! I had a yummy salad dish and Gareth had the steak.
And of course there was a present and card exchange! Something else I can treasure in my memory box.

Gareth.. I am so glad I met you.
I can't imagine my life without you. 
Thank you for everything you do for me and for always making me feel beautiful, safe, protected and for giving me a Disney fairy tale-like relationship.

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