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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Time for a bit of Tuesday Bloggin' my friends!

I'm surprised looking back through my old blog posts that I have never written about Simple before, it was all I used when I became a teenager and still to this day. Therefore I decided it would be nice to have a chit chat about my thoughts on their range. However, it does have some competition because my ultimate favourite skincare products are from either Clinque, Decleor or currently Liz Earle which I made a review about here back in January. It's so easy to experiment new thing and we forget how stuff we used to used were just as good!

My absolute favourite thing to use is their hydrating moisturisers, they work really well on my skin as it always gets so dry! I always use it before bed and before applying my primers & foundation. Simple products have always been my go-to when travelling as well, their small travel sized everything is perfect. I love mini travel sized items, and what's better than simple.They are an affordable brand and you can always guarantee that their products will make your skin happy, they have a lot of skin-loving ingredients in them so it has never upset my skin, I also really love the fact that they are always making lots of new products to use like the eye roll-ons, anyone else think they are doing really well? 

Simple has always been my first skincare range that I have used, I used to get it for my birthdays and Christmas and my mum really likes it too! Particularly the protecting moisturiser you see above with the SPF as it smells like sun cream which always reminds me of happy, summer memories. 
Am I the only one that will often wear SPF even on on rainy days? Apparently, it's a good thing though as we still get UV Rays from the sun even if we can't feel it (top tip to prevent ageing)!

The purifying cream may or may not have helped my skin growing up, I was lucky enough to never get bad acne. I would use the cream almost always after using the 'Spotless skin triple action face wash', in fact, I think I still have a tube of that somewhere in my bathroom cabinet! It was my saviour as a teenager, because even though I had only had a few spots, it was still a phase where everyone thought it was embarrassing. Acne is not embarrassing, it's apart of developing and everyone get's it at some stage. Everyone's skin is different, don't let their be any shame, spots don't determine beauty.

Simple is a nice cheaper alternative to other skin care brands out there and is nice for people with sensitive skin. I have never had any issues using it and it always delivers brilliant results, as for the scent, there often isn't one so if you are someone who likes a bit of fragrance in creams then perhaps Simple wouldn't be for you, but I have never been a fan of scented creams particularly on my face as the perfumes are usually harsh on the skin. Simple Skincare as it's always on the shelves anywhere you go and they are always popular! There must be lots of reviews all over the internet...I'm sure this post will somehow get lost in all the madness of you beauty blogger readers!

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