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Queen's 90th Birthday

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness the Queen.
May her reign be long.
The queen is 90 today! Just think how long that is! That's almost a century! 
So many things have happened in the Queens life time that its simply impossible to list them all.
However a few being great grandmother, serving her people in the Army in the Second world war. Seeing the first man on the moon.

To show my patronage of this occasion I decided to make a lovely set of  crowns for the girlies!
(also a rose thrown in on the side to make the event even more majestic)

I used these rolls to make a stable crown shape, it was the right size for their heads.
Now I began to have some fun & decorate!

They stayed ever so still for the photo, they were being very elegant and proud wearing their crowns.
They stood to attention for the Queen.

How did you celebrate this special occasion?

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