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Nature's Palette

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Have you ever wanted to just leave out and go on a journey somewhere different, sort off like an adventure of some kind? 

Well that is exactly what Gareth and I did on Thursday afternoon.
The weather was so perfect, it was a clean and spring afternoon filled with natures best spring-time colours! So here is our story...*opens up invisible story book* 

Once Upon A Time...

I packed up a picnic basket (It was more of a plastic tub) with some little square sandwiches , bananas and even a bake-well or two. We couldn't forget about the mini eggs of course I mean Easter has just gone by ;) Any excuse for chocolate!
After we made our picnic basket we decided to go look for Mr.T's picnic blanket which has been buried all winter in a entrance room tut tut... It needed a little bit of love after being forgotten about.
We loaded up the car and got ready to go , we decided to go down a more scenic route on some back roads. which was well worth the effort... it was stunning. 

As you can see from the photo above it was a beautiful day! We drove down the country roads and through some rustic old towns along the way. We eventually reached what we thought was the first park we pulled into the stony driveway and got out to walk around. It didn't feel right though as the park I was thinking of allowed you to drive right up to the water front. we followed the path and ended up in a really scenic sanctuary, ducks were waddling about dipping in and out of the lake, they were really funny little animals! Suddenly out of nowhere someone's stray doggie came charging at the ducks and chased them all into the lake (poor duckies!) They waddled away super duper quickly!
A view of the lake with the beaten path running alongside it. Slightly cloudy at this point.

 It was a really scenic lake (and also very twinkly & sparkly!), as we followed the path alongside it there was a old quaint shed with a petite deck hanging over the water. Mr.T didn't hesitate to jump straight onto it being the oddball he is. Simply contrasting the lake where sweet bright yellow daffodils and long reeds grew.

As we walked around we found a deck overlooking the lake it had old time rope supporting it, it looked sturdy...but Mr.T decideed it would be even safer to jump on it to double check, even though I was already stood on!...Gee thanks!  I realized at that point that this definitely wasn't the park we were looking for! We hurried back to the car across a field (got a snazzy piggy back ride as I didn't have my wellies on and the mud was icky!) Sadly for Mr.T... his shoes got covered (not to rub it in, but mine remained clean *evil laugh*. We hurried through the town which is an old market town complete with a sweet shop and a town centre clock on the town hall down the road to the other side we finally got to the park we had been intending to go too.

  We drove in and being brave we reversed up to the water front (it was seriously a tense moment, I was just thinking "oh my goodness we are going to fall in, the car is going to sink") haha! However Mr.T managed to reverse it safely! As we took our first steps on the water park the sun came out and lit up the lake giving it a nice warm glow. Like the other lake there were quite a few ducks and geese but also a swan. We set out our picnic blanket and got out our lunch. It was delightful, we even fed the ducks some bread it took them a while to catch on that we were actually feeding them though. We had a really cute duck couple whom we named Betty and Jerry, Jerry was a lot more greedy than Betty and would race to eat the bread and not save any for her (Chivalry isn't a duck thing). 

They were very well groomed he had a bright purple head and she had a green undercoat of feathers. They settled down in front of us by the waterfront after guzzling most of the bread. We had a another visitor which was Mrs Swan she graced us with her presence (even though swans are so intimidating sometimes!). To top it all off there was no wind it was literally a perfect afternoon. People picnicking all around us. We decided to walk around the water park as it also has a sand beach! 

Here's good ol' Jerry!
The somewhat sandy beach area
After walking around seeing the rest of the camp and having a nice lunch we decided to build a old world war 2 fighter made out of Styrofoam. Too our surprise it was quite entertaining! (simple things for our simple minds...particularly mine hehe) After which point we set off home as a ominous cloud was floating over threatening to rain on us. We got in the car just in time...phew!

We set off after a nice fulfilling day out.. and a fully belly!

What did you get up too on the first few days of spring? Let me know in the comments section or on Facebook !

The End

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