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My Blogging Journey- 100th Blog Post

Saturday, 23 April 2016


It's my 100th blog post! I am super excited with how far I have come. Blogging has become very important to me over the past year and a half. It is the one thing I actually consider a hobby which I really enjoy doing! I love having my own space on the internet which allows me to shine my personality, it includes everything I love: beauty, interior design, sharing my thoughts, writing about my life & adventures...and most importantly, my guinea pigs who I love dearly. I love being able to read back at everything I have done over the year! 

How AmeBella was created

I discovered Sprinkle of Glittler's blog after watching her on YouTube. I thought the idea of having a blog was so amazing, I read her story of how she had a boring office job and the moment she decided to start a blog of her own, which eventually grew. Her words and videos always make me so incredibly happy, I wish one day I would get the opportunity to tell her this. Louise is an amazing, beautiful, strong woman which many love! She is my blogging inspiration
Sometimes I will sit and think carefully about what I want to do as a career in life, I often question if working with animals is still what I want to do, I am currently just doing what makes me happy. The one thing I found myself doing te most in my spare time else is writing on my blog. I love getting special comments on certain blog posts & I also love the days that I get more views than usual, it makes me feel really happy, not because of the views in particular, but just knowing that I'm not alone here on my blog! I love the community a blog can build.
I don't have the best photo quality, or the best writing skills, but the one thing that I do have for AmeBella is dedication

I slowly aim to advance my blog step by step. Not only have I taken my time to think of a perfect name for my blog (previously Minnie Memee- now Amebella)...I have gone through numerous designs too. Mr.T and I started off designing my own completely from scratch with a lot of hours and hard work put into it.

Then I eventually invested in my blog and found the most perfect design which I am really happy with as it suits my personality very very well, I love pastel colours so it was an easy choice to make!

I am continuously adding new things for my blog, much like recently I have added a new page called 'Lifestyle', where I aim to talk about life and how to appreciate it and make it beautiful. I also discuss some deeper topics because they are important too.

How far AmeBella has come

I have this dream of reaching many people so I can share happiness and inspire people, making them smile each and every day. But it's so easy to get lost on the internet amongst other creators, AmeBella is still a small. I remember the days where 10 would be my maximum, but views aren't important, what is important is the satisfaction I have when pressing the 'publish' button on a blog post, knowing that I really enjoyed writing it. I still have much to learn but we are all constantly learning, it's life.

I am always trying to engage people into what I am writing, and also relate. Writing about anxiety, panic attacks, and even fear which are very delicate subjects for me to write about. They are very important topics not just for me but for many people, and if I can help just one person feel a bit better by reading my posts, then I am truly happy.

 I want everyone that comes on my blog to have that happy feeling you get when you receive a warm welcome hug with a smile. 

The Support

I have had the most encouragement from Mr.T, he was the only one that believed in me. He has not only helped me when I am stuck... he has just been there for me, through the times that I was sad about my blog, like when I was not confident and feeling that I was doing badly. He has also been there for me when I was happy too, celebrating my achievements. 
My parents have also been very supportive and I love making them proud, I like it when my mum sits next to me when writing up new ideas for posts! They have also helped to share around my blog, it makes it more fun knowing that others are reading too, it's almost like a butterflies in the tummy moment! I like the idea of having a family like feeling on my blog, where we can all support one another and be friendly.
What's next?

It's hard to think why my blog is so special to me. I think the main reason is because I have put so much of my time and effort into it. AmeBella is a made up world I had when I was small, I could go there during me-time and be happy when I was sad. Now AmeBella is a passion and I enjoy it so much. 
I have considered a YouTube channel, I'd like to so something that represents me well. Something very AmeBella.

 Maybe you have some ideas for me?

This has been a realllllyyyyyy long blog posts, I'm just so happy and proud!
Thank you all so so much for joining me on my blogging journey, happy 100th blog post!

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