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Must Have Self Tanner!

Monday, 25 April 2016

As most will know, there is nothing more that I love than tanned skin. I love natural looking tans and have tried many, many different self- tanners to see which I prefer the best and I have shared my fair amount of horrifying self- tan experiences to the point that I look ridiculous. I don't use it to look better, I use it because it reminds me of summer and it makes me feel happy. Now of course I much prefer getting a simple natural tan from sunbathing, but in the cooler months I like to feel like I still have my summer tan.

My favourite for a while now has to be the Dove Summer Glow. I sometimes like to use the 'normal to dark skin' one in summer as my skin naturally goes quite brown in even a hint of sunlight, and the 'fair to medium skin' in the other months as this suits my natural skin colour the best.
Like all tanners, it does have a slight biscuity smell to it but it I find it isn't as noticeable as other brands. I have been using this self-tanner for a good 2/3 years now until recently when they brought out their newer product. As you can see above, it is in a slightly different bottle (tube) which I think is more elegant and a lot less bulky, it's the same product but I think they have tried a bit harder to mask the smell, I barely notice it and I think it's really nice and moisturises really really well.

I have found that I mostly get on better with gradual tanners, that way I can gradually build up my tan every 2-3 days. I remember to re- apply by giving myself a schedule, so I will always apply this on the days that I wash my hair, that way I remind myself to do it. The only downside to gradual tanners (this one in particular) is that you have to guess where you are putting it as the colour doesn't come out instantly as it is just a white cream like regular moisturisers, so ensuring that you fully cover all areas and rub it in well always gives the best results with no streaks.

I never get any streaks anyway from this product! I often get a build up on my elbows and it can sometimes be noticeable around my wrists but apart from that it looks really natural, never had a streak problem with it. I am really impressed and will be sticking with Dove.

For Best Results!

[1] Exfoliating before applying! I ensure to fully scrub at any dry areas of my body . I prefer to use them scrunchie sponges (if you know their proper name, let me know below!).

This is the Nivea Scrunchie
[2] I apply the cream before I get into bed, with any moisturisers I don't like having that 'sticky' feeling when putting on clothes, so I prefer to apply it at night so I can throw on some loose fitting pj's. Also, I thought it may be worth mentioning that I have not had any issues with it rubbing off onto my white sheets in the night, they always remain pure white and clean. I always shower the morning after as well to wash off any excess and it stays on and doesn't go patchy which is really nice!

[3] I always choose to use my normal moisturisers between the days that I re-apply the tanner, this way it seems to last longer and it also stops my skin from going dry and flaky.

Let me know which fake/ gradual tanners you are enjoying currently.

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