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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Did you see the morning sky?

I am the biggest geek when anything to do with Space is mentioned. Hmm, maybe I should have gone into Astronomy?  Mars was visible with the naked eye at around 1am Monday morning and this was my first time ever to see it! Antares & Saturn were also visible, but the clouds hid these away!

I had my seeing goggles at the ready...and my binoculars too!

It was such an exciting moment to just see that little red light in the sky knowing that it was a massive planet out in space, truly incredible. The universe is so fascinating and it intrigues me daily of what more we will find and discover in the years to come. The best part was that I saw a shooting star as well, I made my wish! But I can't tell else it may not come true! 

One day I would love to go to somewhere where there is a crystal clear sky with millions of stars and see our amazing night sky clearly. 

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