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Having a Dream

Monday, 18 April 2016

When I was a little girl I always had a dream catcher above my bed and I truly believed that if I dreamed hard enough that it would forever treasure my dreams and someday make the great ones come true.

Dreams are so powerful with many meanings behind them, it's a place in this world where we can imagine for ourselves. If we think deeply enough, dreams are so magical and amazing, it is something you create yourself not only with your minds but with your heart. Our dreams at night are the one place where we can be alone and we can actually learn so much about ourselves purely from our dreams. I find them so interesting, I even keep a dream journal where I record all the dreams that i remember to see if there's any common themes. Some are explainable, some are not.

Dreams don't just have to be what your mind creates as you sleep either, we all have actual dreams and goals we want in life...success, fame, love. My dream has always been to make a difference, whether it is little or big. You can have a further read of this here.

You can either "dream your life or live your dream"...All it takes it a sprinkle of belief.


We live in this crazy, confusing world where we have factors that can often stop us such as work or even money. However, if we all take baby steps when trying to achieve our goals in life then it makes it all the more exciting. If you dream of flying a plane one day and as a child you made a paper plane and flew it around in the air, then you made an actual model, then you read into how you could become a pilot, you are already a little step nearer than you was when you first created your dream, you're steadily getting there.

Don't sit there and think it's impossible, make it possible.
Ignore rejection, Focus, keep working at it, smile along the way and succeed

The most perfect part of going after your dreams is that it's almost like a miracle really can come true.
Never ever let go of your dreams

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