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Beauty: Ted Baker Makeup

Thursday, 7 April 2016


So taa daa! I finally got round to making a beauty blog post!
I thought we could have a little show & tell about Ted Baker make-up.

For some reason, I never see people with this make-up in their make-up bags,
(although the Ted Baker make-up bags are super cute!)
I must admit I don't always buy products that you can apply to yourself (such as creams, shower gel, make-up e.t.c) from Ted Baker, but how could I resist this time as they have such a beautiful Rose Gold collection and those who know me well know that I am completely obsessed with Rose Gold!

I got the following in a little set as a gift, I think I got it for Christmas & I now use them on a regular basis.

The blusher pallet I was surprised with, its really well pigmented. I am so used to always sticking with the same blushers (Revlon or Bourjois) but after giving these a little tester, they honestly aren't too bad! As for the trio eye-shadow compact, it has a little mirror with it so its easy to take in my handbag or where ever I go and the colours are also really pigmented! I feel that the colours do come out slightly different when applied, very golden and red and they can sometimes look a bit too sparkly on the eye, which is nice for a night out, but during the day I prefer to stick to matte colours,

Now, the thought of using eyelash curlers freaks me out! I often used to use them all the time, but I had a pair that literally went *pingggg* when I was just about to use them and they snapped!

The Rose-Gold Ted Baker ones I now feel comfortable using, they look super beautiful and work really well... good job Ted Baker!

My aim next is to buy the travel bags and luggage cases from Ted Baker for my holiday this year!
Let me know what your favourite purchase has been from Ted Baker so I could potentially try it out for myself!


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