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Minnies | Light in the Night

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Did you see the morning sky?

I am the biggest geek when anything to do with Space is mentioned. Hmm, maybe I should have gone into Astronomy?  Mars was visible with the naked eye at around 1am Monday morning and this was my first time ever to see it! Antares & Saturn were also visible, but the clouds hid these away!

I had my seeing goggles at the ready...and my binoculars too!

It was such an exciting moment to just see that little red light in the sky knowing that it was a massive planet out in space, truly incredible. The universe is so fascinating and it intrigues me daily of what more we will find and discover in the years to come. The best part was that I saw a shooting star as well, I made my wish! But I can't tell else it may not come true! 

One day I would love to go to somewhere where there is a crystal clear sky with millions of stars and see our amazing night sky clearly. 

Must Have Self Tanner!

Monday, 25 April 2016

As most will know, there is nothing more that I love than tanned skin. I love natural looking tans and have tried many, many different self- tanners to see which I prefer the best and I have shared my fair amount of horrifying self- tan experiences to the point that I look ridiculous. I don't use it to look better, I use it because it reminds me of summer and it makes me feel happy. Now of course I much prefer getting a simple natural tan from sunbathing, but in the cooler months I like to feel like I still have my summer tan.

My favourite for a while now has to be the Dove Summer Glow. I sometimes like to use the 'normal to dark skin' one in summer as my skin naturally goes quite brown in even a hint of sunlight, and the 'fair to medium skin' in the other months as this suits my natural skin colour the best.
Like all tanners, it does have a slight biscuity smell to it but it I find it isn't as noticeable as other brands. I have been using this self-tanner for a good 2/3 years now until recently when they brought out their newer product. As you can see above, it is in a slightly different bottle (tube) which I think is more elegant and a lot less bulky, it's the same product but I think they have tried a bit harder to mask the smell, I barely notice it and I think it's really nice and moisturises really really well.

I have found that I mostly get on better with gradual tanners, that way I can gradually build up my tan every 2-3 days. I remember to re- apply by giving myself a schedule, so I will always apply this on the days that I wash my hair, that way I remind myself to do it. The only downside to gradual tanners (this one in particular) is that you have to guess where you are putting it as the colour doesn't come out instantly as it is just a white cream like regular moisturisers, so ensuring that you fully cover all areas and rub it in well always gives the best results with no streaks.

I never get any streaks anyway from this product! I often get a build up on my elbows and it can sometimes be noticeable around my wrists but apart from that it looks really natural, never had a streak problem with it. I am really impressed and will be sticking with Dove.

For Best Results!

[1] Exfoliating before applying! I ensure to fully scrub at any dry areas of my body . I prefer to use them scrunchie sponges (if you know their proper name, let me know below!).

This is the Nivea Scrunchie
[2] I apply the cream before I get into bed, with any moisturisers I don't like having that 'sticky' feeling when putting on clothes, so I prefer to apply it at night so I can throw on some loose fitting pj's. Also, I thought it may be worth mentioning that I have not had any issues with it rubbing off onto my white sheets in the night, they always remain pure white and clean. I always shower the morning after as well to wash off any excess and it stays on and doesn't go patchy which is really nice!

[3] I always choose to use my normal moisturisers between the days that I re-apply the tanner, this way it seems to last longer and it also stops my skin from going dry and flaky.

Let me know which fake/ gradual tanners you are enjoying currently.

My Blogging Journey- 100th Blog Post

Saturday, 23 April 2016


It's my 100th blog post! I am super excited with how far I have come. Blogging has become very important to me over the past year and a half. It is the one thing I actually consider a hobby which I really enjoy doing! I love having my own space on the internet which allows me to shine my personality, it includes everything I love: beauty, interior design, sharing my thoughts, writing about my life & adventures...and most importantly, my guinea pigs who I love dearly. I love being able to read back at everything I have done over the year! 

How AmeBella was created

I discovered Sprinkle of Glittler's blog after watching her on YouTube. I thought the idea of having a blog was so amazing, I read her story of how she had a boring office job and the moment she decided to start a blog of her own, which eventually grew. Her words and videos always make me so incredibly happy, I wish one day I would get the opportunity to tell her this. Louise is an amazing, beautiful, strong woman which many love! She is my blogging inspiration
Sometimes I will sit and think carefully about what I want to do as a career in life, I often question if working with animals is still what I want to do, I am currently just doing what makes me happy. The one thing I found myself doing te most in my spare time else is writing on my blog. I love getting special comments on certain blog posts & I also love the days that I get more views than usual, it makes me feel really happy, not because of the views in particular, but just knowing that I'm not alone here on my blog! I love the community a blog can build.
I don't have the best photo quality, or the best writing skills, but the one thing that I do have for AmeBella is dedication

I slowly aim to advance my blog step by step. Not only have I taken my time to think of a perfect name for my blog (previously Minnie Memee- now Amebella)...I have gone through numerous designs too. Mr.T and I started off designing my own completely from scratch with a lot of hours and hard work put into it.

Then I eventually invested in my blog and found the most perfect design which I am really happy with as it suits my personality very very well, I love pastel colours so it was an easy choice to make!

I am continuously adding new things for my blog, much like recently I have added a new page called 'Lifestyle', where I aim to talk about life and how to appreciate it and make it beautiful. I also discuss some deeper topics because they are important too.

How far AmeBella has come

I have this dream of reaching many people so I can share happiness and inspire people, making them smile each and every day. But it's so easy to get lost on the internet amongst other creators, AmeBella is still a small. I remember the days where 10 would be my maximum, but views aren't important, what is important is the satisfaction I have when pressing the 'publish' button on a blog post, knowing that I really enjoyed writing it. I still have much to learn but we are all constantly learning, it's life.

I am always trying to engage people into what I am writing, and also relate. Writing about anxiety, panic attacks, and even fear which are very delicate subjects for me to write about. They are very important topics not just for me but for many people, and if I can help just one person feel a bit better by reading my posts, then I am truly happy.

 I want everyone that comes on my blog to have that happy feeling you get when you receive a warm welcome hug with a smile. 

The Support

I have had the most encouragement from Mr.T, he was the only one that believed in me. He has not only helped me when I am stuck... he has just been there for me, through the times that I was sad about my blog, like when I was not confident and feeling that I was doing badly. He has also been there for me when I was happy too, celebrating my achievements. 
My parents have also been very supportive and I love making them proud, I like it when my mum sits next to me when writing up new ideas for posts! They have also helped to share around my blog, it makes it more fun knowing that others are reading too, it's almost like a butterflies in the tummy moment! I like the idea of having a family like feeling on my blog, where we can all support one another and be friendly.
What's next?

It's hard to think why my blog is so special to me. I think the main reason is because I have put so much of my time and effort into it. AmeBella is a made up world I had when I was small, I could go there during me-time and be happy when I was sad. Now AmeBella is a passion and I enjoy it so much. 
I have considered a YouTube channel, I'd like to so something that represents me well. Something very AmeBella.

 Maybe you have some ideas for me?

This has been a realllllyyyyyy long blog posts, I'm just so happy and proud!
Thank you all so so much for joining me on my blogging journey, happy 100th blog post!

Queen's 90th Birthday

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness the Queen.
May her reign be long.
The queen is 90 today! Just think how long that is! That's almost a century! 
So many things have happened in the Queens life time that its simply impossible to list them all.
However a few being great grandmother, serving her people in the Army in the Second world war. Seeing the first man on the moon.

To show my patronage of this occasion I decided to make a lovely set of  crowns for the girlies!
(also a rose thrown in on the side to make the event even more majestic)

I used these rolls to make a stable crown shape, it was the right size for their heads.
Now I began to have some fun & decorate!

They stayed ever so still for the photo, they were being very elegant and proud wearing their crowns.
They stood to attention for the Queen.

How did you celebrate this special occasion?

Minnies | Shower of Dandelions


So many daisies and dandelions have been growing in the garden recently!
Belle & Bambi have been absolutely LOVING it. They get so excited when they see them.
They start chatting away and it's so precious, particularly seeing Belle like this as she is often shy.

It's lovely to see them really happy over such a small thing in the world.

Having a Dream

Monday, 18 April 2016

When I was a little girl I always had a dream catcher above my bed and I truly believed that if I dreamed hard enough that it would forever treasure my dreams and someday make the great ones come true.

Dreams are so powerful with many meanings behind them, it's a place in this world where we can imagine for ourselves. If we think deeply enough, dreams are so magical and amazing, it is something you create yourself not only with your minds but with your heart. Our dreams at night are the one place where we can be alone and we can actually learn so much about ourselves purely from our dreams. I find them so interesting, I even keep a dream journal where I record all the dreams that i remember to see if there's any common themes. Some are explainable, some are not.

Dreams don't just have to be what your mind creates as you sleep either, we all have actual dreams and goals we want in life...success, fame, love. My dream has always been to make a difference, whether it is little or big. You can have a further read of this here.

You can either "dream your life or live your dream"...All it takes it a sprinkle of belief.


We live in this crazy, confusing world where we have factors that can often stop us such as work or even money. However, if we all take baby steps when trying to achieve our goals in life then it makes it all the more exciting. If you dream of flying a plane one day and as a child you made a paper plane and flew it around in the air, then you made an actual model, then you read into how you could become a pilot, you are already a little step nearer than you was when you first created your dream, you're steadily getting there.

Don't sit there and think it's impossible, make it possible.
Ignore rejection, Focus, keep working at it, smile along the way and succeed

The most perfect part of going after your dreams is that it's almost like a miracle really can come true.
Never ever let go of your dreams

Little act of kindness

Thursday, 14 April 2016

I would like to introduce a new additional page (label) to my blog which I hope everyone will benefit from in one way or another. I plan to have feel good posts to make you feel happy and cheerful when you need it, I'd also like to include perhaps some deeper posts where I talk about life in general and the mind because sometimes it's just good to have a deep conversation. I plan to include my anxiety posts into this tab too, because it is such a common thing that needs more awareness.
Mainly,  I want it to be a special tab you can click on if you are ever having a bad day or you are feeling down for whatever reason, I want it to feel as though you have someone to talk too, no matter what the issue is going on in your life, I want to be as active as possible to help. It would be so lovely if everyone in the comments can also be respectful to one another.

Let's try it together and see how it goes, because a little act of kindness goes a long way.

'La Bella Vita' typically means 'A Beautiful Life' in Italian. 

The beast which is fear

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Fear is just one of the most powerful emotions and feelings we get.  We have it to avoid any physical and emotional responses to potential pain of any kind that a variety of situations and circumstances can lead us into fear and we can often take control. 

Anxiety is something in which is hard to control, unlike a natural instinct or reflex, it can be brought on by the most minor of things but you can feel like you have absolutely no control. For more about this, see my blog post I wrote last year: 'Anxiety'

Are the two alike? Maybe. Are they the same?....absolutely not.

 I have written below about a situation I was in that truly made me fearful if you choose to have a read 

My fearful situation

On Friday (yesterday) I got on a bus into town, the bus was empty and it was just myself and my mum sitting on it talking about the lovely day we had after visiting some family. When the bus stopped at the next bus stop I thought:
 "surely not, there is no way they are going to let those people on".
They couldn't walk in a straight line, their speech slurred and their hands and pockets full of cans of beer. I understand that it was Friday, but it was 3:30pm in the afternoon. The bus driver allowed four drunken, loud, terrifying men onto the bus. Old leather jackets, torn jeans, missing teeth, smelling of cheap booze and not a care in the world. Their faces still haunt me even whilst writing this. Out of all of the empty seats on the bus, they sat around close to me and my mother. One started touching the ends of my hair instantly and I had to move closer to mum. I was terrified.
I have witnessed drunk people before but I have never had such a personal up close experience before as bad as this one. I remember just picking at my nails, my anxiety levels were slowly rising.

That's not even the worst of it, their do I even start? It was vile, dirty and foul. I never want to even repeat what they said to anyone, but it included talking about indecent topics, and we got called everything under the sun, we were just two ladies sitting on the bus. I even heard them comment on stuff about metal illness disorders which is not okay, it was like they could sense my fear. The worst part of it all, the bus driver did nothing. Two got off and there were just two more men left, the ones sitting behind us. The drunkest out of all of the men. At this point I was shaking.

"I have to move to the front mum away from these people" I whispered to my mum. So I did.
"Aww look at the sweet baby girl moving away" They shouted at me. Their verbal abuse started making me cry actual tears and my mum moved next to me. 

An elderly lady walked on alone at the next bus stop and she was speechless, she stared at them in shock and saw me crying. I wanted to get off. "mum I'm having a panic attack!" My mum actually spoke up and said to the drunk guys "Can you please stop, you're giving my daughter a panic attack" and they gave threats to my mum which I didn't hear, my sound just blacked out I was so fearful for what may happen.  A fight, more panic attacks, pain, who knew what they were going to do when the bus driver was allowing all of this to happen?
 At this point I saw my mum crying and that was the most painful thing to see, I love my mum so so much and I always want to protect her the way she protects me at that exact moment I was so angry, "I want to get off of this bus!" They carried on with their language and abuse, and the bus driver just stopped the bus on a main road and opened the doors and looked at me, with an unsympathetic look, sure it was okay for him protected behind the glass door in the drivers seat... although getting off was the one thing that I wanted and it was what I said I wanted, but it was a place far away from anything we recognised and it was in the middle of no where and the thought of getting off there made me panic more, my mum told the bus driver to carry on a little bit longer. I have full respect for bus drivers, they're likely not supposed to get involved, but surely there must be a rule in place not to allow very drunk people on in the middle of the day when their are vulnerable people on it, imagine I was all alone. However, the next part just bothered me a lot, the men decided that they wanted to get off at the stop where the bus driver had opened the doors, FINALLY. They walking towards the door and then the driver shut the door on them so they couldn't get out!!! Why?? They didn't deserve to be on there in the first place, why the heck did he keep them on that bus knowing that it was upsetting us all? He honestly didn't seem to have a care in the world.

They were at the front, they were standing this time near me and my mum again...just staring down at us. We tried to avoid eye-contact and kept quiet, even if we wanted to get off we couldn't now! The next stop came and they refused to get off, the lady spoke up at last.
"Just get off the bus, just go! Just leave! You are upsetting people, go, go!" The bus driver also finally decided to step in and told them to get off now (yeah...'now')
They didn't leave the bus in fact they came towards the elderly lady then moved forward towards my mother, inches away from her face swearing, threatening, ready to hit and his fist in the air. That image keeps giving me nightmares, the flashbacks make me feel sick to my stomach. My mum let out a little scream and she was so scared.
The lady stepped in and carried on shouting for him to get off the bus and he was tempted to go hit her and walked up close to her face but his mate stopped him from doing anything , at least one of the drunk guys got the hint they should go and it took him a long while to get off the bus, I felt trapped and that is such a horrible feeling.

Finally, we all got off safely at our stop and what did the bus driver say to us? "Oh sorry, I should never have let them on this bus" You don't say? Do you know the worst part? These so called "men" were at least 50-60 years old. They were no gentleman. How has society got this bad? Making mothers and their children and elderly women scared, feeling a crazy amount of fear.  The feeling of not being safe, the possibility of being hurt is the most scariest feeling. It may not sound too bad on writing, but it was a living nightmare yesterday.

My main aim for that day was to get on the bus with mum to try and learn the routes so I felt safer on buses, I wanted to feel less anxiety. But after a long day of doing just that, they ruined my confidence and it will be a while before I get on a bus again. I'll try not to let it affect me next time, it was hopefully just a one off. Also, yes, we reported the incident.

This was a day that made me fearful.


So let me remind you again.
Anxiety: No meaning- It can be triggered by anything, but you feel like it will never end but it always does at some point. This is more psychological but it is the worst, most real feeling in the world, you feel like you cannot escape and it can be hard.
Fear: Has meaning- you know the threatening situation better, but you are unsure of how it will end. This is more real. However, you will always know there is a possibility of an escape and you can eventually forget about it.


Be aware of it  Identify it  And forget it

Much like I wrote about in my posts about Anxiety & Panic Attacks. Never let anything ever control what you do, live your life how it makes you happy. I decided to write this post today not just to discuss the differences but to encourage everyone not to let fear rule their life. Sure, it may be a while before I step back on a bus, but I want to, because buses are just another way of transport when you need to get around without a car. That's it. I'll keep that in mind. Whatever you may be fearing, try and face your fear, you'll benefit from it. Just give it a go and get advice and support from people you trust if it helps, to be there to cheer you on and encourage you.

Beauty: Ted Baker Makeup

Thursday, 7 April 2016


I finally got round to making a beauty blog post! Today, I thought we could have a little show & tell about Ted Baker make-upFor some reason, I never see people with this make-up in their make-up bags, (although the Ted Baker make-up bags are super cute!) but how could I resist this time as they have such a beautiful Rose Gold collection and those who know me well know that I am completely obsessed with Rose Gold!

I got the following in a little set as a gift, I think I got it for Christmas & I now use them on a regular basis.

The blusher pallet I was surprised with, it's really well pigmented. I am so used to always sticking with the same blushers (Revlon or Bourjois) but after giving these a little tester, they honestly aren't too bad! As for the trio eye-shadow compact, it has a little mirror with it so its easy to take in my handbag or where ever I go. I feel that the colours do come out slightly different when applied, very golden and red and they can sometimes look a bit too sparkly on the eye, which is nice for a night out, but during the day I prefer to stick to matte colours,

Now, the thought of using eyelash curlers freaks me out! I often used to use them all the time, but I had a pair that literally went *pingggg* when I was just about to use them and they snapped, so slightly terrified of them now haha.

The Rose-Gold Ted Baker ones I now feel comfortable using, they look beautiful and work really well... good job Ted Baker!

Here is a makeup look I created with the ted Baker makeup. Go and try it and let me know what you think? I usually play it safe with makeup and stick to the same well-known brands but I loved this.

Simply love Simple.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Time for a bit of Tuesday Bloggin' my friends!

I'm surprised looking back through my old blog posts that I have never written about Simple before, it was all I used when I became a teenager and still to this day. Therefore I decided it would be nice to have a chit chat about my thoughts on their range. However, it does have some competition because my ultimate favourite skincare products are from either Clinque, Decleor or currently Liz Earle which I made a review about here back in January. It's so easy to experiment new thing and we forget how stuff we used to used were just as good!

My absolute favourite thing to use is their hydrating moisturisers, they work really well on my skin as it always gets so dry! I always use it before bed and before applying my primers & foundation. Simple products have always been my go-to when travelling as well, their small travel sized everything is perfect. I love mini travel sized items, and what's better than simple.They are an affordable brand and you can always guarantee that their products will make your skin happy, they have a lot of skin-loving ingredients in them so it has never upset my skin, I also really love the fact that they are always making lots of new products to use like the eye roll-ons, anyone else think they are doing really well? 

Simple has always been my first skincare range that I have used, I used to get it for my birthdays and Christmas and my mum really likes it too! Particularly the protecting moisturiser you see above with the SPF as it smells like sun cream which always reminds me of happy, summer memories. 
Am I the only one that will often wear SPF even on on rainy days? Apparently, it's a good thing though as we still get UV Rays from the sun even if we can't feel it (top tip to prevent ageing)!

The purifying cream may or may not have helped my skin growing up, I was lucky enough to never get bad acne. I would use the cream almost always after using the 'Spotless skin triple action face wash', in fact, I think I still have a tube of that somewhere in my bathroom cabinet! It was my saviour as a teenager, because even though I had only had a few spots, it was still a phase where everyone thought it was embarrassing. Acne is not embarrassing, it's apart of developing and everyone get's it at some stage. Everyone's skin is different, don't let their be any shame, spots don't determine beauty.

Simple is a nice cheaper alternative to other skin care brands out there and is nice for people with sensitive skin. I have never had any issues using it and it always delivers brilliant results, as for the scent, there often isn't one so if you are someone who likes a bit of fragrance in creams then perhaps Simple wouldn't be for you, but I have never been a fan of scented creams particularly on my face as the perfumes are usually harsh on the skin. Simple Skincare as it's always on the shelves anywhere you go and they are always popular! There must be lots of reviews all over the internet...I'm sure this post will somehow get lost in all the madness of you beauty blogger readers!

Nature's Palette

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Have you ever wanted to just leave out and go on a journey somewhere different, sort off like an adventure of some kind? 

Well that is exactly what Gareth and I did on Thursday afternoon.
The weather was so perfect, it was a clean and spring afternoon filled with natures best spring-time colours! So here is our story...*opens up invisible story book* 

Once Upon A Time...

I packed up a picnic basket (It was more of a plastic tub) with some little square sandwiches , bananas and even a bake-well or two. We couldn't forget about the mini eggs of course I mean Easter has just gone by ;) Any excuse for chocolate!
After we made our picnic basket we decided to go look for Mr.T's picnic blanket which has been buried all winter in a entrance room tut tut... It needed a little bit of love after being forgotten about.
We loaded up the car and got ready to go , we decided to go down a more scenic route on some back roads. which was well worth the effort... it was stunning. 

As you can see from the photo above it was a beautiful day! We drove down the country roads and through some rustic old towns along the way. We eventually reached what we thought was the first park we pulled into the stony driveway and got out to walk around. It didn't feel right though as the park I was thinking of allowed you to drive right up to the water front. we followed the path and ended up in a really scenic sanctuary, ducks were waddling about dipping in and out of the lake, they were really funny little animals! Suddenly out of nowhere someone's stray doggie came charging at the ducks and chased them all into the lake (poor duckies!) They waddled away super duper quickly!
A view of the lake with the beaten path running alongside it. Slightly cloudy at this point.

 It was a really scenic lake (and also very twinkly & sparkly!), as we followed the path alongside it there was a old quaint shed with a petite deck hanging over the water. Mr.T didn't hesitate to jump straight onto it being the oddball he is. Simply contrasting the lake where sweet bright yellow daffodils and long reeds grew.

As we walked around we found a deck overlooking the lake it had old time rope supporting it, it looked sturdy...but Mr.T decideed it would be even safer to jump on it to double check, even though I was already stood on!...Gee thanks!  I realized at that point that this definitely wasn't the park we were looking for! We hurried back to the car across a field (got a snazzy piggy back ride as I didn't have my wellies on and the mud was icky!) Sadly for Mr.T... his shoes got covered (not to rub it in, but mine remained clean *evil laugh*. We hurried through the town which is an old market town complete with a sweet shop and a town centre clock on the town hall down the road to the other side we finally got to the park we had been intending to go too.

  We drove in and being brave we reversed up to the water front (it was seriously a tense moment, I was just thinking "oh my goodness we are going to fall in, the car is going to sink") haha! However Mr.T managed to reverse it safely! As we took our first steps on the water park the sun came out and lit up the lake giving it a nice warm glow. Like the other lake there were quite a few ducks and geese but also a swan. We set out our picnic blanket and got out our lunch. It was delightful, we even fed the ducks some bread it took them a while to catch on that we were actually feeding them though. We had a really cute duck couple whom we named Betty and Jerry, Jerry was a lot more greedy than Betty and would race to eat the bread and not save any for her (Chivalry isn't a duck thing). 

They were very well groomed he had a bright purple head and she had a green undercoat of feathers. They settled down in front of us by the waterfront after guzzling most of the bread. We had a another visitor which was Mrs Swan she graced us with her presence (even though swans are so intimidating sometimes!). To top it all off there was no wind it was literally a perfect afternoon. People picnicking all around us. We decided to walk around the water park as it also has a sand beach! 

Here's good ol' Jerry!
The somewhat sandy beach area
After walking around seeing the rest of the camp and having a nice lunch we decided to build a old world war 2 fighter made out of Styrofoam. Too our surprise it was quite entertaining! (simple things for our simple minds...particularly mine hehe) After which point we set off home as a ominous cloud was floating over threatening to rain on us. We got in the car just in time...phew!

We set off after a nice fulfilling day out.. and a fully belly!

What did you get up too on the first few days of spring? Let me know in the comments section or on Facebook !

The End

Minnies | Spring nails

Friday, 1 April 2016


I have been loving my daisy nails recently, remember ages ago I talked about that habit I had where I constantly bit my nails? I managed to stop! If you would like to know how let me know and I can potentially have a chit chat about it at some point on my blog.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to paint my nails! 
(it's almost impossible to do with bitten, short nails!) 

They're getting there!

Here's my nail design for spring, tweet me your nail designs @amebellaa 

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