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✾ Spring Resolutions ✾

Thursday, 24 March 2016


One thing I love about spring though is seeing all the beautiful flowers bloom out again, it's the time of year when I most enjoy going to garden centres and going on wellie walks!

I never enjoy walking too much unless it's somewhere really scenic, but I do enjoy going out to new places! 

Today, I walked around a nearby pumping station museum with Gareth. It was his first time there and it's always interesting and best of all it's interactive (including flushing an old Victorian toilet chain, oyyyaa beggaa exciting!!) Haha, now...I am not usually fond of history and museums- BUT I have been going to this specific one since I was little so it brings back a lot of memories and I wanted to share them with Gareth. My favourite part was the egg hunt event they had for young children (I totally did this to be part of the cool kids). I found them all though woooo, the last one was very tricky to find though! 

You should also try something new in this Easter Holiday, no excuses! Even if it's eating lunch at a restaurant you haven't been too yet or simply taking a drive to a different location that you can explore. Hey, you may pleasantly surprise yourselves. Let's call it your personal Spring Resolutions!

I'd also love to know what it is that you get up too, send it through on any of my social media profiles!

Ciao! xxx

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