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Hopping on Easter

Sunday, 27 March 2016


Happy Easter you chocolate munchers!
Hopefully you are all having a lovely day, whether you are out hunting for those eggs in the sneaky hiding spots, going to church to celebrate the specialness of this day or just simply eating lots and lots of yummy eggies!

Here is Belle & Bambi at their second Easter! You can view their very first Easter here , I always like to take a special photo of them on each occasion, not only is it a nice memory it's also super adorable! I was saying to Gareth not too long ago...In the future if I ever have children, I will be one of the proudest mummies watching them grow up and treasuring every single moment. I am already doing that now with these two! 

Anyhow! I treated myself to some LUSHHH- gahhh! why do their products smell so good!
I'm not usually very fond of very sweety smells although I did take a liking to this one, it is called the 'Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb'. Did you get any over Easter & which products are you liking the most currently from the Easter range? (Psst, TELL MEEE...I want to try! It gives me a great excuse to go and buy more!)

-Squeezy cuddles- Thankyou to everyone who takes the opportunity to read my posts!
Ciao for now! xxx

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