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DIY Wooden Peg Chair

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Today I have a DIY craft piece for you which was so fun and easy to make and I'm excited to share it with you! You can be as wild and crazy as you like and make it unique to you, I think it makes a perfect little gift for someone or maybe even used as a feature for a fairy garden for children as I know they have become quite popular.

All you will need:

❁Super Glue
❁Paint (colour of your choice)
❁Wooden clothes pegs
❁Old fabric
❁Cotton wool (or any other types of stuffing)

It's times like this where I really wish I started a YouTube channel to easily demonstrate how I did this! Should I start one do you think?

I must pre-warn you all it gets very fiddly & very messy but totally worth it, the chair itself is no bigger than the size of my hand. Young children may need an adult's help with this one. 


It may annoy you that I don't have step by step photos for this one, but I'll try my best to be descriptive.

1. First, you'll want to start by pulling apart all the wooden pegs apart and throwing away the wiry metal parts, please be careful as they could ping out at someone. After that, let your inner Lego building come out and assemble the pieces together to form kind of what I have shown in my image above. 6 pieces together for the back, with 2 supporting pieces at the back to hold them all in place. 4 pieces for the seat part with again 2 supporting pegs underneath. The back two legs were created by sticking 2 pegs together and slightly thinning them out where they meet so it keep it straight, on the top half of the pegs, I attached 2 pegs for the arms. I used the same technique for the rocking part at the bottom as I did the legs, but angled it more to allow it to rock smoothly. This is also he order I did to attach everything together.

Keep in mind this does not have to be a rocking chair! It could be a standard wooden chair.

I made a rocking chair but you can easily get creative it makes it a lot more fun. I think a summer version of this would look really awesome, maybe a deck chair? Remind me to try that..if you struggle with doing this then keep an eye out for a potential video, where I can demonstrate the steps I used but for now the image is an example to use as a guidance. I'll hopefully get a video made soon for you guys and post it here with this post.

2. Next, once the glue has dried and the chair is secure, you want to whip out them paintbrushes and let out your inner child! I encourage you to be as creative as possible.
You don't have to stick to one colour either, you could even paint little daisies on to add to the spring vibe. Once the paint has air-dried, you want to delicately brush on some gloss to not only harden it, but also give it a nice finished off effect.

The Cushion
Select any fabric of your choice (just ensure its not something you cut out of your nice clothes!)

I liked the flowery piece that I had spare nearby my craft box. you'll want to cut out two square pieces with the design facing inwards (don't forget else it won't work) and you want to do a small close stitch all the way around the edges, or even just use the glue again.

On the last side leave a tiny gap open (don't stitch it) and you need to turn the material inside out again so the pattern is facing outwards the way you want it. The opening that is left is where you can add in the stuffing to give it a plump and comforting look and then you may stitch up the last little gap that you left. Aim to sew with a coloured thread similar to the colour of the fabric so it doesn't stand out too much and then simply place it on your new miniature wooden clothes peg Chair!

And there you have it, I thoroughly hope you enjoy and lemme know how well you get on with it!

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