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Crufts 2016

Thursday, 10 March 2016

I went to the Crufts show in Birmingham at the NEC convention centre with my college as a little trip (easy day off). It was the Toy & utility event showcasing all sorts of small breeds of dogs although there were also some fairly large dogs, the show was also celebrating its 125th anniversary! Talk about long running.

My favourite part of the entire day was seeing the little pomys! I have always wanted to have these little balls of fluffiness! I keep bugging Gareth about it saying that he should get me one... one day (dropping the hints) haha! 

Aren't they really adorable? They seemed to be very popular at the show! Apart from Pomeranians there were a selection of other dog breeds including; St Bernards, huskies, British bulldogs... They were all presented on a display and people could come and see what they were like and pet them. The event was lively. The centre was massive inside, lights were strewn everywhere it was fantastic.

This was a photo taken from where we were sitting in the arena where the main show was being held, they did the agility for small, medium and large dogs. Last time I went to NEC it was for the clothes show which they usually have on in December- I went to that show around the same time I was doing my GCSE's. I think I definitely enjoyed the clothes show a lot more but that's just because I love seeing the creativity and fashion.
Myself, Aimee, Tina & Laura
My friends and I walked around stalls before and a bit after the main show- they sell everything for dogs, literally anything you could think of. As you can see in the photo, we got our trendy snail headbands to promote the fight against lung worm in dogs. I don't have a dog myself, so no upcoming hauls, instead, I got a stamp as a souvenir. 

Towards the end we saw the somewhat famous dog who was trained for the popular TV show 'Doc Martin', I believe the woman who trains the dogs for programmes came in to give a talk, I saw it at the end having his photo taken with who I think was his owner

Overall it was a really enjoyable day out for me and my friends, we all had a lot of fun! I may go back there another year with Gareth as he has always wanted to go too.

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