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Minnies | Cuddly Day at home

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Ever have those days or even weeks which are just not going right for you?
That is this week for me!

Solution: Creme eggs (which I've been have craving of), YouTube, and guinea pigs!
A little snippet from not too long ago!
As a little up date, Bambi officially know the trick "spin", she is such a clever little girl!
It is also very adorable when she does it!

I wonder what I can teach my other princess Belle now?

♥ The Best Valentines Day! ♥ 2016

Sunday, 14 February 2016



One of my favourite days of the year! 
Gareth came over with these beautiful roses this morning, I love him so very much I truly am so lucky to have him in my life.

Gareth (Mr.T) had set up this amazing surprise!
It made me cry happy tears! (Ms.B is my nickname from him)

As some of you may know from my Sherwood Forest blog, Gareth's mum is very good with arts and crafts, specialising in Wooden Items. Gareth designed a beautiful infinity spoon with G & A carved into it. I will forever keep it, it may literally be the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Ever. It is kept in the wooden treasure box above.

We went to a lovely restaurant for our valentines day meal. The food was so yummy!.

He is so handsome 

What did you guys do for Valentines Day?

Ciao xxx

Minnies | Sweet tooth

Friday, 12 February 2016

Today it is my dad's birthday- Happy Birthday!

A lot of chocolatey goodness and sweet cakes were involved today!
(despite it being on a girly, flower cake stand) he really enjoyed the cupcakes that I had made!

They are lemon fairy cakes with a lemony-tasting butter cream icing, I ran out of lemon zest though for sprinkling on top which is a shame- but they are still really nice!

I really enjoy baking little treats, I want to make some muffins or brownies next time maybe.

Any recipes you recommend?

1 Year with Belle & Bambi!

Monday, 8 February 2016


They started out as little balls of fluff and now they are even bigger balls of fluff!
Today is their FIRST anniversary

We got them on the 8th February last year at 6 months old (that makes them a year and 6 months old) and we have loved them ever since. They are so fun, loving, playful, cuddly and all things great! 

(The candle was removed straight after the photo was taken)
 Last year I had been wanting guineas for a long while! I did all my research and we purchased their outdoor hutch and indoor house with everything we would ever need.

We looked at the adoption section where I spotted these two girlies and wanted them straight away!
I still remember the first time I held them so they could get used to me and also the moment we brought them home in the little carriers and I think I literally cried!

I remember thinking how perfect they are!

Ever since we brought them into our home, they have been very very spoilt.
My parents love them to pieces, as well as Gareth I. They always give everyone kisses and cuddles.

They get veggies both in the morning and evening, they're always clean and well groomed, have their own toys, and they get floor time (in the summer we let them have grass time too!)
There has even been blog posts that I have shared about taking them to the park which they loved which you can go back and read!

It's been such a good year!!! I'm so proud to have them in my life and it makes me super happy to be apart of theirs... they know me and they completely trust me.
They are not just pets, they are apart of our family.

Do you have piggies? If so send me snapshots! I'd love to see!

Ciao xxx

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