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Hello 2016!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

And a Happy New Year to you all!
I hope it is a happy, healthy and a successful one.
Love from myself...

...And the guineas! Bambi & Belle's 1st Christmas with us was a fantastic one, they even had their own little present which was a petite stocking full of yummy treats! They attempted to open their own present by ripping it apart bit by took a long time, they needed some help!

2015 has been a very important year of mine, it was my official launch year for my blog. I made my very first blog post on Amebella on January the 26th 2015! It was the year I took you along with me and shared my journey of going to a new college starting a completely new course, it was scary- but I have made some amazing new friends.
I also met Gareth!

Gareth and I have attended many parties and events, including the family Christmas meal which my family do every year. It was really wonderful to have him spending every moment even Christmas day here with me.

My goals for 2016!

 To be more independent, I am officially now learning my theory and I am going to try my very hardest to be able to drive by the end of the year! I'm also applying to a few jobs currently so I want to start saving money for my future, it's a big step but doing this alongside my course will be well worth it and will give me a great boost!

 I want to be able to get back into fitness again. I know.... I know...everyone says this at the start of January after all the delicious food that has been eaten over the Christmas holidays! But I used always have a workout plan, go for little jogs and go for a cycle whenever I could- but last year I failed at continuing with that and I feel out of shape. I'm ready to get fit and get more toned! 

 I said this last year...but I WILL stop biting my nails! (What I mean by this is I will try my very hardest not too!) 

What's three things you want to achieve this year?

My Promise...
>> I particularly want to focus on getting more content into my blog posts, and not just making it about lifestyle and general daily activities! I have made a promise to myself to include more crafts, more beauty posts and much more! *pinky promises myself* <<



  1. Don't you mean goals for 2016 lol sorry I hope you achieve everything you set out todo but remember you were a big part of our lives for 2 years and we still think about you and it does hurt when I read about Gareth but o hope you remember the good memories you had with fraizer as well as he was acting part of 2014 and 2015 xxx

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