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Happy Birthday AmeBella

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Today is a day of online celebration! It is officially my blog's 1st birthday!
Happy Birthday my petite blog!

I may not have many followers but I am super proud of my little blog, and proud of myself for keeping it going as I really enjoy it even though I know AmeBella does not get many readers.
It's really nice to look back on everything I have done in 2015. I wish to further improve the quality of my blog in this new year, this includes better quality photos, more regular updates on social media (I lack at this currently) and to write posts that are of interest to people that visit my blog. I mainly enjoy writing about beauty and crafts and my own thoughts and lifestyle- so hopefully I can reach out to more people in the following years who share the same ideas and interests as myself.

Thank you for all those that have commented or taken interest and for coming along this journey with me and a big special thank you to the people who have supported and helped me throughout. Particularly Gareth, not only has he helped me with the design of AmeBella, but he has also given me so much support and congratulated me in every single one of my posts.
Most importantly, he has been the one person that has believed in me.

So from me to everyone reading: *big squishy hugs*

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