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An unexpected visit

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Apart from being a really good morning (not really), I was going to write today off as a rather uneventful day! However While travelling up to the main campus from animal care we got to see this rather out of place helicopter.

My friends and I wondered why there was a helicopter casually parked on our rugby field? Quite a few people who were travelling with me took photos of the vehicle wondering just who it belonged too?

Upon further investigation with some of the lecturers, she believed it was the owner of the Mansfield football club! No one is really sure why he might be visiting our quaint countryside college, but it felt like I was part of a James Bond movie a casual observer though not a lot of action!

Speaking of action I hope I brought a little intrigue to your life today, If not you can always share your spectacle of the day in the comments section I would love to hear about them !


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