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Liz Earle: Skincare Savior!

Sunday, 31 January 2016


I wanted to share my opinion on some Liz Earle products I have recently been using.
There are many reviews raving about it all over the Internet, so of course I was going to give it a purchase to try it out for myself.

I have been using this a while now and therefore feel I can confidently share my opinion on it, and I can honestly say, since using these products, I have noticed a difference!
I only ever share products on AmeBella which I truly love and feel as though you might too.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

This is part of my morning routine now, I find it so much more beneficial than simply wiping my face every day with a facial wipe.
This product leaves my skin actually looking AND feeling clean. I never usually find products quite like this that do both, it is perfect. This may sound dramatic over just one product, but it is in no way false. I get very excited each and every day for using this product!

The bottle itself it quite perfect (it's a 100ml bottle which is a very decent size for the amount you get and for what you pay for), the design of it is refreshing and looks professional, if that makes sense?).
 Unlike a squeezy bottle of lotion- you can get the full benefit of treasuring every bit of lotion as you can simply use the pump to get as much as you require to suit you. (Personally, I feel that you don't need more than 2-3 pumps of it as it goes a long way).

I apply this generous amount on my face, whilst my face is still dry. What I love most about being able to apply this to dry skin is having that full clean feeling, it's almost pampering. I feel so messy when I have to splash my face with water before using certain cleansers, because to me, the cleansers feel watered down, it makes loads of suds that can run into my eyes and my hair always manages to get ruined and wet! So being able to apply it to dry skin is defiantly a benefit.
Not only does my skin feel a lot cleaner putting it on, but it also smells clean too!
It has a natural smell but it is very very nice, the smell of Liz Earle definitely needs to be complimented as its so simple and not overpowering.
Going bare faced on the internet... Slightly scary!
The moment you apply it to your face it feels really nice and cool, almost relaxing.
 I feel I will particularity
 enjoy using this product in the summer
However, it is my miracle worker in the winter too! I tend to have a lot of dry patches on my face which I really dislike, this cleanser just helps to make my face feel that extra little bit more smoother, which is always a nice feeling to have especially when applying make-up!

The set I own, comes with 2 useful muslin cloths. These work really well alongside with the cleanser!
It helps make less mess and splashes with the water.
I simply soak it gently under some warm water and it helps to get rid of any old make-up or dry skin patches on my face. The muslin cloths work really nicely and feel a lot better than using a flannel for example which feels a lot more rough on the skin, the delicacy of the material make it feel more softer against the skin which I really like.

There are mornings when I am really busy (which shouldn't be an excuse really) and I will forget to cleanse my face using this, but I really look forward to using it and don't ever see it as a chore- it is a special little treat for my skin, and in return- my skin definitely thanks for me for it (just for this one product I haven't even discussed the others yet!)

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

Gentle Face Exfoliator
The muslin cloths alone act as amazing exfoliators.

But this really does the job super well! I use it all over my driest areas: my nose, forehead and chin!
Without this, my make-up wouldn't look it's best! My skin would always look flaky under foundation as it was so dry, it looked super dehydrated! (Anyone else have this problem?)

This focuses on the specific areas of my face that needs hydrating and it helps clear away all the dead skin cells but in the kindest possible way. It has them little scrubbing bits in it to help buff your skin, many people do not like this as often, it can feels quite rough against the skin, but this is very soft, I use it much like I do with the cleanser and wipe it away with warm water using the muslin cloth! (those are skincare magic workers!)

It's a really nice little extra to give to my skin, I also look forward to using this quite a lot as it is such a relief to feel how smooth my skin feels at the end! I dap my skin dry with a clean towel and my skin feels so so nice as it leaves it with the softest touch!

You will easily be able to tell the difference instantly after using it!

Gentle Face Exfoliator (Right)

EYEBRIGHT- Soothing Eye Lotion

This 50ml bottle makes a lot of difference! (May I also add, it's the perfect travel size)
This product aims to work on reducing the look of puffy eyes and is amazing on tired eyes as this too feels nice and cool and refreshing on the eyes. I use this every time I cleanse my face as it ensures me that all traces of my make-up have been removed.

I apply a small amount to a cotton pad and sweep gently over my eyelids, it doesn't make my eyes water and it feels very natural and light. It is also brilliant for removing light eye-shadow or bits of make up that I may have missed or found hard to get off, because as most of you will know, scrubbing on the eyes to get that darn mascara off isn't always pleasant!.

Once again Liz Earle has made a product that helps my skin to feel a lot cleaner. This product is especially nice for people that don't exactly like relying on facial cleansers to use on the eyes as they fear it may be too harsh. This product feels very light and is definitely relaxing, it focuses on soothing my eyes, which is always nice when I am really sleepy and my eyes feel heavy!
This eye lotion always makes my eyes look a lot brighter too, whether or not this was the intent, it works!

I understand I perhaps sound like some crazy person that is addicted, but its probably safe to say I am! (Addicted... not crazy!). I really love Liz Earle, however I am still going to try other products too in the future, but for now I can safety say I am sticking with these. I also want to add the Liz Earle moisturiser to my collection as a lovely lady in the store let me try it and it is very good at hydrating. (Definitely what my skin needs!)

Liz Earle definitely deserves all this praise, thanks for making such a wonderful product, if you have not tried Liz Earle yet then I high recommend you do and so does everyone else leaving positive reviews about it on the internet!

I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!


An unexpected visit

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Apart from being a really good morning (not really), I was going to write today off as a rather uneventful day! However While travelling up to the main campus from animal care we got to see this rather out of place helicopter.

My friends and I wondered why there was a helicopter casually parked on our rugby field? Quite a few people who were travelling with me took photos of the vehicle wondering just who it belonged too?

Upon further investigation with some of the lecturers, she believed it was the owner of the Mansfield football club! No one is really sure why he might be visiting our quaint countryside college, but it felt like I was part of a James Bond movie a casual observer though not a lot of action!

Speaking of action I hope I brought a little intrigue to your life today, If not you can always share your spectacle of the day in the comments section I would love to hear about them !


Happy Birthday AmeBella

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Today is a day of online celebration! It is officially my blog's 1st birthday!
Happy Birthday my petite blog!

I may not have many followers but I am super proud of my little blog, and proud of myself for keeping it going as I really enjoy it even though I know AmeBella does not get many readers.
It's really nice to look back on everything I have done in 2015. I wish to further improve the quality of my blog in this new year, this includes better quality photos, more regular updates on social media (I lack at this currently) and to write posts that are of interest to people that visit my blog. I mainly enjoy writing about beauty and crafts and my own thoughts and lifestyle- so hopefully I can reach out to more people in the following years who share the same ideas and interests as myself.

Thank you for all those that have commented or taken interest and for coming along this journey with me and a big special thank you to the people who have supported and helped me throughout. Particularly Gareth, not only has he helped me with the design of AmeBella, but he has also given me so much support and congratulated me in every single one of my posts.
Most importantly, he has been the one person that has believed in me.

So from me to everyone reading: *big squishy hugs*

Minnies | Morning Sky

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I woke up to this very pretty view this morning! 
Unfortunately, although the sky looked beautiful- I was in a lot of pain!
Send your morning snapshots to me @amebellaa

I had my braces adjusted yesterday, and the day after is always the worst! 
Painkillers and a hot water bottle to my face are the two things getting me through the day currently.

I am managing to use my time today to sort out a workout plan to follow, as I will be keeping to my new years resolutions. I am going to try and also accomplish drinking at least two litres of water a day, I have been doing that recently without even thinking about it!

Hello 2016!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

And a Happy New Year to you all!
I hope it is a happy, healthy and a successful one.
Love from myself...

...And the guineas! Bambi & Belle's 1st Christmas with us was a fantastic one, they even had their own little present which was a petite stocking full of yummy treats! They attempted to open their own present by ripping it apart bit by took a long time, they needed some help!

2015 has been a very important year of mine, it was my official launch year for my blog. I made my very first blog post on Amebella on January the 26th 2015! It was the year I took you along with me and shared my journey of going to a new college starting a completely new course, it was scary- but I have made some amazing new friends.
I also met Gareth!

Gareth and I have attended many parties and events, including the family Christmas meal which my family do every year. It was really wonderful to have him spending every moment even Christmas day here with me.

My goals for 2016!

 To be more independent, I am officially now learning my theory and I am going to try my very hardest to be able to drive by the end of the year! I'm also applying to a few jobs currently so I want to start saving money for my future, it's a big step but doing this alongside my course will be well worth it and will give me a great boost!

 I want to be able to get back into fitness again. I know.... I know...everyone says this at the start of January after all the delicious food that has been eaten over the Christmas holidays! But I used always have a workout plan, go for little jogs and go for a cycle whenever I could- but last year I failed at continuing with that and I feel out of shape. I'm ready to get fit and get more toned! 

 I said this last year...but I WILL stop biting my nails! (What I mean by this is I will try my very hardest not too!) 

What's three things you want to achieve this year?

My Promise...
>> I particularly want to focus on getting more content into my blog posts, and not just making it about lifestyle and general daily activities! I have made a promise to myself to include more crafts, more beauty posts and much more! *pinky promises myself* <<


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