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Christmas in a Cup!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

There's nothing I like better doing at this time of the year than to have a wonder around Christmas shops to see everything displayed and in lights, looking really really festive!

On the 28th myself, Gareth and family went around a large Garden Centre Place not too far from where I live, they sell all sorts of things there, it is not just plants!
 Their Christmas set up got me very excited!

We stopped at a café inside the place and I got a huge cup of hot chocolate!
This was probably the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted! It had a dash of cinnamon which automatically made it extremely christmassy! Plus it had a hint of cherry in it, very yummy!
 I may have to try and make my own like this sometime!
What's your favourite christmas drink?

I really love seeing places lit up, it instantly makes me very smiley.  I was like a little girl walking around the store seeing all the fairy lights...those who know me know I have a passionate love for fairy lights ;)

 Quite short and sweet, I have been posting mainly lifestyle blog posts recently due to the fact I am still getting settled in to my new college and trying to keep up with assignments!

However, I still wanted to post & share little snippets of what I get up to! 

Ciao! xxx


  1. My favourite drink is definitely hot chocolate (: Great post!!
    Have an amazing day,


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