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Minnies | Cutest Animal Competition

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Last week on my animal care course, I was made aware of a mini competition in order to raise money for the wildlife hospital.
I think in total the college I attend to raised around £72!

There were different categories for the competition in which you could enter photos into:
Animal and Humans together, Action Shots, Extraordinary Exotics, Funniest Pose, Cheeky Selfies, Nature at its best and Cutest Animals!

So of COURSE I simply had to enter them into the category of the 'cutest animals'...because they are so sweet and adorable that I couldn't resist!

The results were in today...look at my little winners!

It was all for a very good cause too!
But I would love to see your 'cutest animal' pics too- post them on twitter or any other social media, I'd enjoy having a scroll through!

See you there!

Ciao! xxx

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