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Holiday to Cyprus | 2015

Monday, 26 October 2015


This year as part of my holiday, I joined my parents on a trip to Cyrprus, Protaras to be exact.
I have never been to Cyprus before so it was a new place for me to see, and I loved every minute of it!

Walking off of the plane into hot weather in Cyprus was such a great feeling in the middle of October! Ya know, the way the heat hits you as you walk off the plane... It was so nice not having to wear a coat to keep warm!

For me, I truly love that first moment on holiday when I first open the room door and explore where I will be staying. It gets me really happy and excited...any one else?

Our rooms were very nice, and I could not fault them! The beds were so comfy too, usually on holiday I have trouble getting used to the beds but these were super soft and super cosy.

The rooms were also kept very clean and were very modern, with everything you would need in there.

On my first day, I enjoy just exploring the area. Here's a familiar person, my mother! 

She really enjoyed how beautiful the sea water was, it was crystal clear! The beaches were B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ! 
There was also lots of boats bobbing on the water, some could take you to the Blue Lagoon and places with pretty scenery to see dolphins below your feet on the glass bottom boats.

We also all shared a love for the food in Cyprus, the choices were endless!

The mornings were my favourite. 
(The traditional Greek yogurt was super yummy!)

Most days I spent my time relaxing to a book or listening to some music whilst sipping on a cool ice drink by the poolside.

Much like Greece, there were lots of stray kitty cats! They would just pass people by that were on their sunny walks and relax gracefully on a nearby wall.
Also in the daytime I went on adventures, there was a Nature Park nearby which was nice to visit since I am currently learning about animals on my course,
(the raccoons and penguins were just the cutest!)

Overall, everyone on my holiday was so polite, the hotel was a very nice place to stay at!
All the views were perfect and the island itself was so pretty!

I wrote all this with holiday blues!
Let me know where you stayed for your holidays this year!

Ciao! xxx

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