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Bonfire Night Sparkles

Friday, 6 November 2015


It is again that magical time of year where people get together and see the sky light up with fireworks. I truly love bonfire night and would easily class it as one of my favourite nights of the year! There is something about it that has a warm feeling to it (and not just because of the bonfire!),
everyone gets together on that one night with friends or family and they all share that special moment.

This year, Mr.T and I went to watch the fireworks together nearby to where I live.
At around 7:30, they lit the bonfire and we could feel the heat on our faces (it got very warm!).
We were right near to the front of the barrier fence, so we had a fairly good view!

When the fireworks started, I was really happy as I watched how pretty the night sky looked.
It was a really nice night, one of my friends from college joined up with me and Mr.T to say hello! We were all surprised to see that the candy floss Mr.T bought melted by the bonfire!
Did you know that candy floss could do that?

As the event ended, me and Mr.T stayed around to have a wonder around.
We ended up going to the top of a balcony of the main building where there was a little bar inside, we had a nice view of the bonfire which was slowly dying down, I really liked it!
We could see everyone from up there!

Overall it was a fun evening- (Although- the place we went too didn't have sparklers!!)

Let me know what you did on Bonfire night this year?


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