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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

In the dark of the night, out of no where comes the day that everybody is expecting but nobody wants to miss. That's right! It's Halloween! I hope you all got your fill of sweets, pumpkin carving, tricking, treating and otherwise every other thing that goes on during Halloween.

We spent Halloween doing all manner of ghoulish and ghastly things! My mum found a pumpkin, they were really popular this year most shops were sold out by the time we tried to get one. Mr.T came over to join me for the festivities and together we carved the creepy pumpkin you see before you. If you believe him he claims he was the artistic brains behind it but we all know who the true artist was!

He (the Jack o' Lantern) was then placed to scare away any would be trick or treaters that dared to trespass on Mr.T's front lawn. 

This year I did a different type of activity, rather than going trick or treating Mr.T and I decided to go on a special event with the Great Central line in Loughborough. What special event you ask? Well we caught a haunted steam train, as you can see from the picture above the station was a dark and gritty place. You could feel the very air you breathed pungent and foul with the dead. There was a thick fog rolling over the station. We rushed in and hurriedly jumped aboard the train. There were many monsters and ghouls which got on with us so we decided to disguise ourselves as the very monsters we were travelling with ( They never suspected a thing). 

We disguised ourselves as a Vampire and a cat lady
The Train let out a whistle in the night and slowly started pulling off, chugging as it carried us into darkness. Mr.T and I sat in our compartment(not joined by any other demons or ghouls , ghosts or witches). Speaking of which,a witch offered us candy. We took the delightful Haribos she gave us she then hovered down the corridor to her next victims. Perhaps she is trying to fatten us up for her stew? Did she know our secret? 

The witch was onto us!
The Train suddenly stopped, all the lights cut out and loud shrieks could be heard throughout. Waiting for the lights to come back shadows could be seen outside the windows. Spirits dancing in the moonlight through the fog. As quickly as the lights turned off they were back on and we were visited by the conductor, who bid us a good journey on his train. We suspect he might have been a vampire. 

Apart from being a vampire he knew his stuff on trains
The train stopped in a place called Rotheley we had arrived at our destination but we weren't getting off. We decided to go and explore the rest of the train. It was quite a bit larger than we both originally thought spanning several cars. There were demons and goblins running through all the corridors drenched in the spirits of the damned. Steam running up the train and between the joints. We walked through a dining area and we found the first class car of the haunted train. Laden with soft seats and retractable armrests. We sat down in the car as the train set off again.

First Class was a blast!
We Watched as the lights turned out again over a river of the damned, the silhouettes of trees shimmering on the water. Inviting those who dare on a date with death. The train whistling again travelled back to Loughborough. We got off quickly and walked around the haunted station once again. Many skeletons were walking around with all manner of creatures. Death himself was watching for any poor souls that got caught under the train. We left the station but the witch we met had one last thing to give us, her wand! What magic can we conjure with it?

The furnace that took us to hell!
I never tried the wand, but it certainly gave the Jack o Lantern a nice glow. We were pleasantly surprised that the lantern had chased off all the little rascals who would want to trick us. Mr.T suggested to get over our ordeal we watch a movie. We decided to watch The Corspe Bride! Which was a really quirky movie by Tim Burton (lets be honest he makes lots of them). Halloween was great fun this year from start to finish.

And also here is Belle & Bambi on their first Halloween in their costumes! They wish you a ghouly Halloween!
I hope you liked my creepy Halloween! Perhaps if you are brave enough to remember your horrors you went through you can post them in the comments below. Psssst I think the Amebella Facebook page is safer!
Till next time,

Ciao! xxx

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