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Sherwood Forest

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Its been a tiny bit of time since my last blog, so I thought I'd treat you all to my trip to Sherwood forest! Now in case you don't know, its the forest that a certain outlaw was known to hide in, none other than Robin Hood. Yes the famous outlaw.

We walked down a scenic pathway covered in old dead leaves leading to a center, there were flags posted all over of old groups of the time. Gareth (A.K.A: Mr.T) joined me on the trip as we entered the beaten up old center in the middle of the forest. There were several rooms one with a projector about the history. Another with a room filled with the people and celebs of the day, such as Robin hood who would steal from the rich and give to the poor, Little John and the merry men even his love interest (Robin you player) and even the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham . The whole story depicted on murals and voice prompts. The most interesting of all is before his death Robin hood shot a random arrow into the forest and this is said to be where he is buried.

You can even see me getting executed ! How scary that must have been. Mr.T as you can see totally deserved his death haha! 

The forest itself is simply beautiful, particularly when the sunlight shines through.
There was a choice of different footpaths, some are short walks, some are long. Gareth and I were on the path on search for the big oak tree where Robin Hood supposedly hid out in the forest. It is getting a bit old now, so it does need some help to prompt it up.  But isn't it just amazing?! It's HUGE!

What really shined out to me the most was just how different some of the trees were! What I mean by this is, some were different in shape and some trees were hollow so you would be able to literally step inside of them.
Overall, it had a nice atmosphere, not just the scenery, there were children with swords having play fights along their walk, acting out the scenes they perhaps saw from one of the famous Robin Hood movies. Just these small little things really make Sherwood Forest a magical place to be. 
♥ Where you should go to visit.. 

If ever you're going to Sherwood forest, check out the wonderful wood shop run by Gareth's mother, it's in unit 15, in a quaint little craft center next to the forest. 

Here is the store and its wonders! 

Make sure you go and visit!

Ciao! xxx

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