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Trip to Skegness!

Thursday, 6 August 2015


*smacks the back of my hand*
I haven't posted in quite a while! Naughty me!

BUT it is the summer holidays, so I have been soaking up the sun and enjoying the relaxation.
For the last 3 weeks I have been supppppperrrrrr busy! 
I have been down Fraizer's & taken trips down to Cadbury's World and the Safari Park!
(I will make separate posts about these!)

Within them 3 weeks, I have also had a week down in Skegness as a mini-holiday trip in my grandma's caravan. Let me just tell you, compared to where I live, the sun there was hot hot hot.


This is the sunset view when we first arrived at the caravan, how beautiful is the sky?

 I should definitely start heading back to Instagram!
Skeggy was great, I truly missed Bells & Bam Bam! Our next door neighbor looked after them whilst we were away. We got him a little thankyou present and I made a little thank-you card!
(I suppose the guineas thought going to his house was like a mini-holiday!)

My trip was made even more special when we bumped into my Auntie there too.
It goes to show how small the world actually is. 

Unfortunately! We found no crabs or jellyfishies! :(

We also had a trip to the 'Seal Sanctuary & Natureland' which was really cool!
They find and rescue seal (some are babies) that are washed up on the shore and they take them in to their Animal Hospital to take care of them. Most of the time they find them with starvation/ they are dehydrated. When they feel confident that they are on the track to getting better. They put them in open sea water for a few weeks to see how they cope before releasing them back into the wild.

The butterfly garden was one of my favs. There was so many tropical butterflies...some the size of my hand! If you have been to Skegness and haven't yet checked out this place, then please do! 
They were selling little fluffy guinea pig teddies! (This was tempting to purchase)

I am back home now though, back to having my guinea pig beauties and giving them loads of squishy cuddles! 


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