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Results Day 2015!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The title of this blog post says it all. It was my Results day at collage.
I have finished one year at A-Levels and I am happy to say I have successfully passed all of my exams.
I took: 
-Health and Social Care (single & double so it counted as two A-Level subjects)... this had LOTS of coursework involved.

-Psychology...I didn't particularly enjoy this subject as much as I thought I would. I just really disliked it, although! Some of it was really interesting to learn about! I suppose we can't pick and choose our modules :3

-English Literature. Hmm, mixed opinions on this subject. I liked it and I hated it. (Poetry- hated...Creative/story side- LIKED)

Everyone has parts they like and dislike. 

BUT at least that's over now. I can safely say that my time at sixth form was the best part of school life. They allow you to be yourself, it's a relaxed and grown-up environment where they do not treat you like kids. They support you through any achievements even if they were not achievements made at collage. Most of the teachers are so friendly and look out for you (well... that's what it was like at my sixth form anyways!)

One of my tutors told me and my tutor group something important. A story. A story of her career path. She said: "Sometimes when you aim for something you may get it and you can either love it/ hate it. I wanted to have a career in something when I was at school but as I got older, that changed, my opinion changed and I found myself working in a prison. Look at me now! Something completely opposite...teaching!... and I really enjoy it. When I was younger I never pictured myself as a teacher. Life has so many paths and sometimes you don't know where you will end up but take life as it goes and achieve what you want to achieve and you should get to where you want to be at, somewhere where you are comfortable being."

Why I am NOT staying on one more year at A-Levels. 

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I do not think I would enjoy carrying on there for another year. They didn't offer a wide range of subjects (I would have loved to have had the opportunity to take photography or a subject more hands- on and creative except for art/textiles)

I think the only reason I went on to sixth form last year was because I wasn't sure what career I actually wanted in my future. I have reached a stage where I now know that I want to work with animals and so that's what I am going for. After my interview yesterday and getting accepted into this NEW amazing collage, I am pleased that I can focus my work now on something that I do enjoy even though I am deeply going to miss my old friends so so much!

When collecting my results, I realized it's the last time I may see some of my peers again. 
Especially Chay, my best friend who I have been friends with since I first met her at high school.
I'm sure we will always meet up with one another as well as the rest of my friends who I will miss!
For doing well, I actually got a present.. it was that beautiful 'Olivia Earl' clock that I really wanted. It is so so lovely!

My parents and I also went out for a lovely meal to celebrate my great results.
If I learnt one thing throughout school's that I found myself doing well in the subjects I found most interesting. So I am confident that I am going to (hopefully) do well on this new course.

Thankyou Mummy & Daddy for everything!

Comment below and tell me know how your results went!

Ciao! xxx

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