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...Interview Time! (and TIPS!)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I had my first Official interview!
Well... it wasn't for a job. It was for the new college I am going to.

I had no idea what a college interview would be like!

Practice makes almost perfect! I have had practice interviews before which the college I have just left provided for us and it was very much appreciated, it was great to have the experience so I knew kind of what having an interview would be like. 
If you haven't had this opportunity at your school, ask a family member to help you practice and to tell you off whenever you say "umm" or any other no no's!

College interviews are very much...relaxed? Is that the word? It is a little scary but you know what? It's okay. The college you are trying to get into want to make just as much of a good impression as you do, they will want students to choose their college to learn at and study.

Here are a few little Tips & Tricks I did which made me feel more prepared.

>> I was told to wait in the waiting room where there was lots of seats and the whole time I stayed standing up. It makes much more of a good impression. You don't want to be sat in a chair, not realizing you are slouching as they call you in where you will then have to struggle your way up.
Being stood up makes you look much more ready to go. <<

 >> Smile! That way you instantly look friendly and instantly feel more relaxed within yourself<<

The course I am now on
 I stood in that waiting room not knowing what it was like. I got called in and to my surprise it was more of a chit chat about my course. I was going to do the Level 3 Subsidiary diploma in Animal management (more animal handling!) for one year which is slightly easier than the Level 3 Extended diploma in Animal management, (as it contains more modules and is more if you wanted to be a veterinary nurse for example) 
However, although I applied for the subsidiary, they thought I would be more than capable to do the extended course for 2 years. They talked me through it and I agreed that it would be a better course to do particularly if I wanted to become a Veterinary nurse.

So that's the course I am now on...Literally, I GOT IN!
They said they were more than happy to offer me a placement. So I am extremely excited, and my parents are very very proud. I'm glad I am achieving what I am aiming for. A career with animals which I really want to have. 

I think the lamb outside on the college grounds was pleased for me too...baaarilliant! Oh Amelia..did you really make that joke?

In all seriousness, the ground is actually really beautiful. It's so calm and lovely.
Just the sort of environment I enjoy being in.

I really struggled to think of what to wear. It wasn't for a job so I didn't want to look too professional. 
So I thought the safest option was to go for a simple but nice black and white dress. It wasn't uncomfortable, it wasn't too hot/ cold. It was just right as they say in Goldilocks ;D

I was prepared for the interview. Not just with the questions, but also everything else. 
Colleges will be busy preparing things so there may be a point where they may have forgotten to to print out your grades and qualifications. BRING THEM WITH YOU!
Yep, you will be more prepared than they are! 
Put them in a show folder, pink if you like! Not only is it sensible. It really completes the look I think ;)


Well that was my interview experience! 
-If you have had yours recently please tell me about it whether it's good/ bad!

-If you are still waiting for one at any time then I wish you the best of luck!

Ciao! xxx

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