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Stratford Day Out & Park!

Monday, 6 July 2015

So on Saturday, me & my family travelled down to Stratford-upon-avon for the annual River-Side Festival. 
It's really good every year and this time going we was all super lucky because it was such perfect sunny weather.

 My mum was rocking the B&W look. I think she looks really pretty in this photo.
We looked at Shakespeare's house which I understand people travel a long way just to see it.

We went to all the shops including one of my favourites...Jack Wills. We also couldn't really resist nipping into the lil ol' sweety shop and bought some Vimto- Flavoured BonBons..Yummy! 
I also just want to point out the top right- hand picture which I know you can't really see.
It was a plane that flew over where we were sitting Saying Happy Birthday "..." (couldn't read the rest without my glasses). HOW CUTE! 

So I actually do take Bambi to the park A LOT. 
Some may find this strange considering she's a Guinea Pig.. but she loves it and it's fantastic exercise for her so why not?! I just carry her there in my arms and as soon as her liccle paws touch the grass she's munching, running around & popcorning away!

The park we went to was where most people take their dogs for walkies, simply because its really scenic and it has big open fields.
A woman walking her dogs walked by me and said "Well that's a first...never in my life have I seen a Guinea Pig been taken for a walk before haha"..My reply was simply: "She loves running around in the open fields so why not heh". The lady then started explaining how lovely and cute she was and she completely melted with cuteness!
 (That's my BamBam! Always strutting her cute side *wink*)

Lemme know if you've ever taken a different type of pet for a walk other than a dog,

Ciao! xxx

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