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Playtime Pals! (With Belle & Bambi)

Friday, 3 July 2015


Who's enjoying the heat? *raises hand* 
Pftt, two days ago though it was extremely hot I literally couldn't sleep!

Look at how CUTE Belle & Bambi have been in the shade!

If you are willing to keep an eye on your piggies then why have a play pen and waste time setting it all up when they are only going to be in it for a short duration? 
I simply put up a little umbrella and added in a few toys and they loved it! They just rested under there with PLENTY of water, (this is is so important to make sure they have at ALL times).

This is a playpen we made ourselves and they really enjoy it!

I added in:
- Two ice packs to lay near when they get hot (non-toxic, of course.)
- Plenty of food & fresh veggies (particularly veggies high in water, like cucumber.)
- Toys to keep them entertained
- lots of water (check this regularly, I also put ice cubes in the water to keep it cold)
- A tunnel/ hidey (we just use this cardboard, it keeps them cool and they enjoy chewing on it to help grind their teeth down.)

The whole of the play pen was kept under a parasol so it was nice and shady.
I enjoyed sitting next to them on my own blanket doing my arts & crafts and relaxing with an
 ice-cold drink.

See you next time! 
Lemme know what you've been up to so far in this warm weather?

Ciao! xxx

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