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Going to the hospital?!

Saturday, 11 July 2015


How's you lovveellyyyy lot doing?
Me?...Nottt so good! I had to go into hospital! >_<

Now of course I like having a positive upbeat mood on my blog- SO! If you want something a little more cheery, then feel free to SKIP this post and search around for another blog post of mine you may enjoy a whole lot more (I won't be offended!)


If you are staying, then I will explain why I have had to go into hospital. If it's anxiety related maybe you have been experiencing the same? Give it a read a let me know

Long story short, most of you will know that I have had anxiety for just over a year now, you may know this from reading THIS post. Yes, I know it always comes along with a little chest pain, however, I know the difference between anxiety chest pain and this chest pain I am getting now!
 It all started off with my left arm hurting me and I went doctors to be told its a trapped nerve...few months later still hurts me so went back again to be told I have an inflammation in my left shoulder so took some gel for that- but that didn't really work. 

Now I have been getting these chest pains- sometimes under my left breast which is usually achy/ sharp and one at the top of my chest where my shoulder and chest feels tight. So as it's always important to check especially when it comes to chest pains... I went to the ER last night at around 10pm as I was honestly starting to get worried. They did an ECG and it came back complete normal, an ECG wasn't as scary as I imagined but it did scare me a little with having wires attached to me >_< eekk!

I've had the doctors listen to my heart and they say everything sounds fine.

BUT, obviously I still have the pain (anndddd cue the sad face) and I have recently started taking Ibuprofen (this was my first time swallowing a non-chewable pill). Plus, just to double check everything, I'm getting blood tests done on the next upcoming Friday as I have been experiencing a little dizziness too!
So...yea. Crazy Times!

Iy, iyy, iyyy! Health is such a worry sometimes!
I'm hoping it is all just anxiety! Will have to update you all soon!


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