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First day of work! [Animal Farm]

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Today! I have successfully completed my first official day at working! 
(voluntary work counts, right?)

As you all know I want to get into an amazing college to do a Level 3 course in animal care!
I do meet all the requirements but they also want some work experience with animals.

So I kindly got offered a placement on an Animal Farm about half an hour away. 

(Image NOT taken from my work place)

When I first arrived I had to, of course, read through the health and safety manual e.t.c...
Then the owner showed me around and left me with the two worker girls there (completely left me out the entire day b.t.w) around the same age who were in what they called 'the chat room' cleaning out the iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs and so on.

My first official task was to clean out the rabbit's area which was super cute! 
Other tasks throughout the day included:

-cleaning out the donkey stables
-changing the chickens & ducks water buckets
-grooming the donkeys
-helping the kiddies take goats for a walk
-helping with the donkey rides
-cleaning out the hens
-doing the pig run to the barn with the children

(Image NOT taken from my work place)

I'd say the best part of my day would be when the little children came into the chat room to stroke the animals which were on the staff's laps...what animal did I choose to hold on mine?
Hehe, a guinea pig of course! 

I'm super glad I get to work on an animal farm for a few months. It's shown me what it's like working with animals and I can truly say it's as good as I thought it would be...but better. I know that I have made the right career path! Even cleaning out poo everyday doesn't phase me I absolutely enjoyed the entire day!
 (except of course the ignorant, rude ickies *echem* girls who were acting pathetic
 & childish let's say.)

What was your first day at your first job like? 
Tell me in the comments below!

Ciao! xxx

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