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Minnies | Cookies

Monday, 13 July 2015


"But Amelia don't you mean Millie's Cookies?"
Oh no no no! Much better! Minnies Cookies! (just kidding haha)

So today I made my OWN cookies from the 'Millie's Cookies' recipe.
They were actually perfect for my first time if I do say so myself. I loved the sweet smell of them baking in the oven and the perfect taste of the gooey center with melted chocolate chips...yummy!

Sorry if I made you feel slightly hungry!
(...I think I'm just going to grab another one now to eat!)

First day of work! [Animal Farm]

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Today! I have successfully completed my first official day at working! 
(voluntary work counts, right?)

As you all know I want to get into an amazing college to do a Level 3 course in animal care!
I do meet all the requirements but they also want some work experience with animals.

So I kindly got offered a placement on an Animal Farm about half an hour away. 

(Image NOT taken from my work place)

When I first arrived I had to, of course, read through the health and safety manual e.t.c...
Then the owner showed me around and left me with the two worker girls there (completely left me out the entire day b.t.w) around the same age who were in what they called 'the chat room' cleaning out the iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs and so on.

My first official task was to clean out the rabbit's area which was super cute! 
Other tasks throughout the day included:

-cleaning out the donkey stables
-changing the chickens & ducks water buckets
-grooming the donkeys
-helping the kiddies take goats for a walk
-helping with the donkey rides
-cleaning out the hens
-doing the pig run to the barn with the children

(Image NOT taken from my work place)

I'd say the best part of my day would be when the little children came into the chat room to stroke the animals which were on the staff's laps...what animal did I choose to hold on mine?
Hehe, a guinea pig of course! 

I'm super glad I get to work on an animal farm for a few months. It's shown me what it's like working with animals and I can truly say it's as good as I thought it would be...but better. I know that I have made the right career path! Even cleaning out poo everyday doesn't phase me I absolutely enjoyed the entire day!
 (except of course the ignorant, rude ickies *echem* girls who were acting pathetic
 & childish let's say.)

What was your first day at your first job like? 
Tell me in the comments below!

Ciao! xxx

Going to the hospital because of anxiety

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Now of course I like having a positive upbeat mood on my blog- SO! If you want something a little more cheery, then feel free to SKIP this post and search around for another blog post of mine you may enjoy a whole lot more (I won't be offended!) Most of you may be here because you too are dealing with anxiety and I have a post dedicated to just that here, along with other blog posts talking about fear and panic attacks.

As the post title says, I went to hospital because of my anxiety. 

Long story short, most of you will know that I have had anxiety for just over a year now. A common thing you can experience with anxiety is chest pains.
 It all started off with my left arm hurting me and I went doctors to be told its a trapped nerve...few months later it still hurts me so I went back again to be told I have an inflammation in my left shoulder so I had some gel for that- but that didn't really work. 

Now I have been getting these chest pains- sometimes under my left breast which is usually achy/ sharp and one at the top of my chest where my shoulder and chest feels tight. So as it's always important to check especially when it comes to chest pains... I went to the ER last night at around 10pm as I was honestly starting to get worried, I went there because it just felt different this time, or maybe that's what my anxiety wanted me to think. By no means at all did I want to waste doctors time, but I was worried and didn't want to regret not going if it truly was something bad.

They did an ECG and it came back normal, an ECG wasn't as scary as I imagined it to be but I was still overwhelmed with anxiety. I've had the doctors listen to my heart and they say everything sounds fine. BUT, obviously I still have the pain and I have recently started taking Ibuprofen (this was my first time swallowing a non-chewable pill may I add). Plus, just to double check everything, I'm getting blood tests done on the next upcoming Friday as I have been experiencing a little dizziness too, again likely my anxiety. 

I wanted to share this with you all because even though everything is thankfully fine, it goes to show just how worrying anxiety can be and how sensitive it is. Health is often the biggest worry with most people, and I truly cannot fault the NHS in any way shape or form, they looked after me and put my mind at ease. Sometimes when I'm thinking about my arm it suddenly starts to hurt, the mind is so powerful and can make us believe anything, enough to even make me go to the hospital to get checked because I thought it felt so different. 

Please make more awareness for mental health. We need to support one another, I encourage you to seek advice if you are dealing with anything I have mentioned today or even to go see your GP if you have any concerns. Your mental health is just as important and your physical health.

Welcome to AmeBella! ♥

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Welcome to AmeBella!

I just wanted to let you all know of the changes on my blog. It's okay I know change is scary, but this is a nice change! As you may have noticed, I aimed for a bit of a design make-over. In the process I decided to change the name from 'Minnie Memee' to 'AmeBella'.

People were pronouncing the previous name wrong (it was Minnie Me-me) and I felt it may have been a bit of a mouthful. So now AmeBella [Am-e-Bella] is a lot more simple and I think it looks a lot better too. 

Although there has been some changes, I wanted to let you know I will still be keeping my 'minnies' posts & I will still be posting the same content as I thoroughly enjoy writing.

Here's how the name AmeBella was started!
When I was a little girl, I used to create my own little imaginary world & 'AmeBella' was the name I gave it. (My pet was called Bella at the time). It was my little happy world that I ruled (haha) and it was just so full of love and kindness. That's all there is too it, but its a special name. So when you come onto this blog think of it as stepping into a happy little bubble of loveliness. However, I understand that not everything can always be happy, and I try to talk about much more serious topics because I think it's important. Overall I just want this to remain a fun blog and I hope you all enjoy it. It's also really nice for me to document my special memories much like people do when they vlog their days over on YouTube, which by the way, I also do! Check it out!

YouTube main channel: AmeBella
Vlogging channel: AmebellaVlogs

Stratford Day Out & Park!

Monday, 6 July 2015

So on Saturday, me & my family travelled down to Stratford-upon-avon for the annual River-Side Festival. 
It's really good every year and this time going we was all super lucky because it was such perfect sunny weather.

 My mum was rocking the B&W look. I think she looks really pretty in this photo.
We looked at Shakespeare's house which I understand people travel a long way just to see it.

We went to all the shops including one of my favourites...Jack Wills. We also couldn't really resist nipping into the lil ol' sweety shop and bought some Vimto- Flavoured BonBons..Yummy! 
I also just want to point out the top right- hand picture which I know you can't really see.
It was a plane that flew over where we were sitting Saying Happy Birthday "..." (couldn't read the rest without my glasses). HOW CUTE! 

So I actually do take Bambi to the park A LOT. 
Some may find this strange considering she's a Guinea Pig.. but she loves it and it's fantastic exercise for her so why not?! I just carry her there in my arms and as soon as her liccle paws touch the grass she's munching, running around & popcorning away!

The park we went to was where most people take their dogs for walkies, simply because its really scenic and it has big open fields.
A woman walking her dogs walked by me and said "Well that's a first...never in my life have I seen a Guinea Pig been taken for a walk before haha"..My reply was simply: "She loves running around in the open fields so why not heh". The lady then started explaining how lovely and cute she was and she completely melted with cuteness!
 (That's my BamBam! Always strutting her cute side *wink*)

Lemme know if you've ever taken a different type of pet for a walk other than a dog,

Ciao! xxx

Playtime Pals! (With Belle & Bambi)

Friday, 3 July 2015


Who's enjoying the heat? *raises hand* 
Pftt, two days ago though it was extremely hot I literally couldn't sleep!

Look at how CUTE Belle & Bambi have been in the shade!

If you are willing to keep an eye on your piggies then why have a play pen and waste time setting it all up when they are only going to be in it for a short duration? 
I simply put up a little umbrella and added in a few toys and they loved it! They just rested under there with PLENTY of water, (this is is so important to make sure they have at ALL times).

This is a playpen we made ourselves and they really enjoy it!

I added in:
- Two ice packs to lay near when they get hot (non-toxic, of course.)
- Plenty of food & fresh veggies (particularly veggies high in water, like cucumber.)
- Toys to keep them entertained
- lots of water (check this regularly, I also put ice cubes in the water to keep it cold)
- A tunnel/ hidey (we just use this cardboard, it keeps them cool and they enjoy chewing on it to help grind their teeth down.)

The whole of the play pen was kept under a parasol so it was nice and shady.
I enjoyed sitting next to them on my own blanket doing my arts & crafts and relaxing with an
 ice-cold drink.

See you next time! 
Lemme know what you've been up to so far in this warm weather?

Ciao! xxx

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