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Minnie Catchup & Father's Day! ♥

Monday, 22 June 2015

I haven't posted for a while! I just haven't had the inspiration and there's nothing wrong with that! I'd much rather write when I feel it's best rather than feel I have to. Ya nu wha' I mean?

A lot has happened since I last posted!
So here's a few little snippets for you to enjoy!

 Bambi had her very FIRST trip to the park today. I feel Belle may be a little too scared to go but maybe when the weather gets a little bit warmer I will take her! Bambi really really enjoyed it! All the dandelions and grass she could ask for! (She was a mischievous little madam, running around on the Field) Very cute though!

 These pair love all the cuddles and warmthness! (Just like their mummy hehe)

This is my wonderful dad who I love a lot!
Yesterday was of course Father's Day
As a family, we spent the entire day enjoying it and me & my parents went out for a yummy scrummy meal! He loved all of his things and handmade cards.

Even the guineas sent him a little surprise...

It's also now officially SUUMMMMEEERR!!!

I hope you all enjoy yourselves and have a good evening! 

Ciao! xxx

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