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College Open Day!

Monday, 29 June 2015

So on Saturday I went to a college open day to look more into their animal care course. One word. AMAZING.

I never expected the college to be that good, It had so many different varieties on animals there which you can work closely with daily! Yep, this includes snakes, tarantulas, iguanas, dogs, geese, birds- you name it!
 The modules are really good, learning to train them and study how they behave. I have applied today for the Level 3 course (I can go straight to this because of my good grades and qualifications).
I sent in my details and personal statement.. so I am now just waiting on a reply! 

(Pstttttt- down here! Just wanted to say sorry for the bad quality and the blurry images! You know when you wanna take photos of somwthing but you aren't sure if you can or not? So you kinda just pretend ur holding ur phone but secretly ur just pressing the screen to take a photo... yeaaahhh that's what happened)

They said that when I apply to their college, they will arrange for an interview... (jinkies!)

It may be cliché, but I am really proud of myself. Mainly because I am super happy I have discovered what it is I really want to do with my life and work towards a career I feel I will fully enjoy!

What career do you want in your future?

Ciao! xxx

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