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Minnies | Calming Colour Books (Anxiety)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I have recently purchased this colouring book, it is complex colouring in for adults. I noticed the shop I went into was also was selling anti-stress books to help with anxiety as well as calming books. I have completed a colouring- in page already and I had so much fun doing it!
I haven't yet tried using it when I feel anxious as I have actually been doing so well with my anxiety recently! BUT! It does make me feel very calm- I can understand how it may help someone feeling anxious to relax as it makes you concentrate on the colouring rather than how you are feeling.
I highly recommend you buy one of these colouring books (from: WHSmith, The Works) and treat yourself to a rainbow pack of felt tips!

College Open Day!

Monday, 29 June 2015

So on Saturday I went to a college open day to look more into their animal care course. One word. AMAZING.

I never expected the college to be that good, It had so many different varieties on animals there which you can work closely with daily! Yep, this includes snakes, tarantulas, iguanas, dogs, geese, birds- you name it!
 The modules are really good, learning to train them and study how they behave. I have applied today for the Level 3 course (I can go straight to this because of my good grades and qualifications).
I sent in my details and personal statement.. so I am now just waiting on a reply! 

(Pstttttt- down here! Just wanted to say sorry for the bad quality and the blurry images! You know when you wanna take photos of somwthing but you aren't sure if you can or not? So you kinda just pretend ur holding ur phone but secretly ur just pressing the screen to take a photo... yeaaahhh that's what happened)

They said that when I apply to their college, they will arrange for an interview... (jinkies!)

It may be cliché, but I am really proud of myself. Mainly because I am super happy I have discovered what it is I really want to do with my life and work towards a career I feel I will fully enjoy!

What career do you want in your future?

Ciao! xxx

Minnies | Braces Update

Friday, 26 June 2015


I thought I would share a little photo with yall that show my braces.

I have the speed- braces, so I didn't get to choose a colour but I kinda like them like this!
I should get them off in just under a year which is super great.

My braces have never really been uncomfortable nor have they ever really hurt me! 
Just achey teeth! Heh. (more excuse for ice-cream...right?)

I'm getting on okay with them! They will be tightened soon! Woop!

Summer Time! ☼

Thursday, 25 June 2015

As I said at the end of my previous post...It's officially summer

So why do I love summer?
                        ✿ Pastel colours come out,
                        ✿ Summery mason jars (homemade lemonade time),
                        ✿ Play outside with pets,
                        ✿ Summer clothes,
                        ✿ Perfect time for bike rides,

                        ✿ Enjoying water parks!
                        ✿ Picnics on a park,
                        ✿ Camping, (still on my to-do list!)
                        ✿ Zoo visits,
                        ✿ Skin starts to look healthier!
                        ✿ Longer nights,
                        ✿ Swimming,
                        ✿ Outside movies,
                        ✿ Sun!

Also, I now have a little voluntary job at an animal farm!
I start on the 12th July! (wish me good luck) 

What will you be doing this summer?

Ciao! xxx

Minnie Catchup & Father's Day! ♥

Monday, 22 June 2015

I haven't posted for a while! I just haven't had the inspiration and there's nothing wrong with that! I'd much rather write when I feel it's best rather than feel I have to. Ya nu wha' I mean?

A lot has happened since I last posted!
So here's a few little snippets for you to enjoy!

 Bambi had her very FIRST trip to the park today. I feel Belle may be a little too scared to go but maybe when the weather gets a little bit warmer I will take her! Bambi really really enjoyed it! All the dandelions and grass she could ask for! (She was a mischievous little madam, running around on the Field) Very cute though!

 These pair love all the cuddles and warmthness! (Just like their mummy hehe)

This is my wonderful dad who I love a lot!
Yesterday was of course Father's Day
As a family, we spent the entire day enjoying it and me & my parents went out for a yummy scrummy meal! He loved all of his things and handmade cards.

Even the guineas sent him a little surprise...

It's also now officially SUUMMMMEEERR!!!

I hope you all enjoy yourselves and have a good evening! 

Ciao! xxx

Minnies | Bambi's first trip to the vets

Friday, 5 June 2015

Bambi has been having the sneezes recently and yesterday morning she was wheezing, poor baby :( 
We took her straight to the vets and she looked so freaking cute when she was getting checked over. She got told she was absolutely fine but she is now on antibiotics for one week in case it gets any worse.

This photo was from today and she has been so talkative and happy in the sun.

Love you Liccle BamBam 

Minnies | Gold eyes & Yellow clothes ♥

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I thought for once I will show my smile considering it will soon be changing as I get my braces on in 7 days! 
I've really been loving a gold- eye look with no eyeliner & a light mascara. With the addition of nude lip colours & pinks, I think it makes a perfect natural summer look!

I'm deffinately going to try and add colour to my wardrobe this summer focusing on adding more of the colour Yellow!!!!
Because of course, Yellow is a perfect summer colour and I feel it compliments me quite well- so hey ho why not? ;)

My Birthday ♥

Monday, 1 June 2015

Happy Birthdayy toooo meee!

Hehe, hey everyone! So yes today is my birthday! (yeeeyy!)
It's been such a brilliant day; I recieved many lovely messages & gifts and cards!

How adorable is Bambi surprising me this morning with love and kissys?! 
Her party hat I made myself, perfect fit! (It was not left on the entire day!)

Birthdays are an excuse for having loads of balloons...especially pink! *wink*

 I love my cupcakes! They are so yummy! 

I can't thank my parents enough for an amazing day! 

Lots of love,


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