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Rimmel London Makeup

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Heyyyooo there Beauty Bundles!

So I know this won't be the only blog I will be making on Rimmel London as I find them a very good high street brand which you can easily find in stores such as Superdrug & Boots.

Not too long ago I thought I would try out a few bits from their range and see how much I would reccommend them.

 These were the first two I picked up from the Rimmel London shelf at Superdrug. I love this foundation as it does what it says and it gives you the appearance of looking more awake aswell as feeling it. The concealer is an added bonus to this foundation as unlike most other concealers, this actually does the job very well of hiding dreaded dark circles and blemishes on my skin.

 with this being my first time using a product from their range I actually find this shade (100- Ivory) a little too dark for my skin tone, so this will be my holiday shade of choice (the added SPF will also be a bonus here).

Now, this shade of foundation (010- Light Porcelain) is a perfect match for my skin. It is a little bit lighter than my actual shade but I tend to darken my skin up anyhow with some good ol' bronzer. Although it doesn't have much coverage, it's really nice and light- feeling on the skin. It is good for all skin-types in my opinion so definately worth giving it a go if you haven't already. I love this foundation.
This stay matte is beautiful. I enjoy applying this with the 'Real Techniques Arched Powder Brush-100' and I just apply it evenly on my face. I tend to usualy stick with the transparent colour but I am also starting to like the 'Peach Glow' (shown above) as it adds that nice glowy touch of colour to my face.
Hide the blemish concealer reminds me very much like them suncreams that look like a pritt-stick glue that u just apply directly onto your face. This concealer looks very much like rolling up a beige lipstick but smells EXACTLY the same as them facial suncreams that I used to have as a kid (agree? Or am I going mad?)
ANYWAYS, enough of my childhood nostalgic memories...I find that it perhaps isn't the best product in the world for blending in and can look and feel quite dry when applied but it does do it's job at covering up all the blemishes on my face. 

Long Lasting? Hmm, all of these above tend to stay on really well and doesn't smudge very easily- but my face does get and look a lot drier by the end of a long day...but that maybe because I have naturally dryish skin. Give it ago and let me know your thoughts?

 I truely love the Rimmel London lipglosses. They last for AGES. It doesn't feel cheap and tacky and you can actually see the colour clearly on your lips. It feels nice and watery when applying (and not thick and nasty) and glides really well with the lipbrush. This was the first colour I picked up (340- Captivate Me) and I will DEFINATELY be picking up some other shades of colours in the future.

What are your reccommendations on Rimmel London? 
Let me know below!

Ciao xxx

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  1. I use the Wake Me Up concealer as well, it is really good! I'm yet to try the foundation though!

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