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One step closer to getting braces!

Monday, 18 May 2015


So a little thing you may or may not know about me...I'm getting braces!

For some this news may not be too exciting which is understandable as it's a reeeallyy common thing to have- but to me, it's the best news ever *squeaakk* !!!!!! Since I was little, my teeth have always looked too big for my mouth and now I have grown, they look a normal size... BUT now I have too much room and I have quite a few gaps between my teeth which are not just at the front, plus they stick out a little bit.
 I have always wanted to have braces mainly as it's something I think I'd enjoy having, it's a change and change is good sometimes.

I am having to pay for mine privately and that meant today I was able to go in and have my x-ray's done of my teeth and I had the dreaded moulds (dearry meee I was scared)!
I read up on what it's like to have the moulds done and people said things such as:
 "It made me feel sick"
"I felt like it was going to the back of my throat"

Despite hearing these things I went in with a smile and was ready for it all, smiles make everything better sometimes. The x-rays were kinda weird to have done, and as for the moulds? It was fine! I can breathe through my nose pretty easily with my mouth open so it made it really easy peasy lemon sqeezy. It feels alot like playdough but squishyer (oh boii that word). I don't know why but today at the dentist I actually enjoyed it! I think it helps with the sick feeling if you ensured that your tongue doesn't touch the mould. There was only one tincy wincy bad part and that was when they pulled out the mould, felt like all your teeth are gonna drop out! (Only kidding it's not that bad!)

So now my due date to have my braces fitted are on the 8th June and I am super excited! I will miss my tooth gap but at least I can say I've had one and enjoyed it, now it's time to say goodbye to it! (sheesh! Making it sound like a romance story!) 
There's nothing wrong with tooth gaps what so ever. Infact, some people rock them and those people I have seen are truely beautiful! Saddly mine to me just looks strange, but that might just be me that thinks that- everyone else tells me they look fine, but still, it's be nice to have something different.

So in a nutshell that's me getting excited for something most people hate!

Ciao for now!

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