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My Minnie-Big Weekend!

Monday, 4 May 2015


So I was thinking that I'd like to do more of these 'minnie-big weekend' posts, it's a nice way of sharing what I got up too. I think we can always agree that weekends are more often the best part of the week! 

Fraizer came down on the Friday evening to stay over until the Monday!
 Friday night was just really relaxed and magical.

We spent the day shopping in town, we loved it!
We went around each other's favourite shops, I feel that when you're together with someone you can learn new things about them all of the time, the shops show what they like and dislike
 (it's also a great way of knowing want they want as prezzies for their birthdays haha shh!)

The shops I took him into too was of course the Disney shop and many girly shops. I bought some new pj's from Primark which I LOVE. (one pair in picture above)
Fraz took me around most of the gadget shops which were really awesome.

Later on, we met up with Lily my friend who also brought along an extra person, we all went for lunch and it was yummy :)

This was my most favourite day of the entire week!
Myself, Frazzy & My Parents all spent the day at Foxton Locks.

I really love it there, it's really scenic and lots to do. It was rainy at first but the sunshine soon said hello and it was time for yummy-scrummy lollies.
 It was the perfect day to have a boat ride along the lake with Fraz. 

Just look how pretttttyyyy the countryside was! Baby Lambs!

Me & Fraz enjoyed a yummy morning breakfast, cuddles with my guinea piggie babies ♥ anndd a lovely scenic walk to the park where we did NOT act our age haha :D
We both sat on the grass which was covverreeddd in daisies and enjoyed the sun, it was really warm today!
 (I made a daisy chain! Ekk!)

Reaalllyy hope you enjoyed this post! 
I loved this weekend so so much, I'm currently writing this with a big smile on my face.

Ciao xxx

(Also I'm so happy for the royal family, hello to the royal Princess Charlotte :3 )

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