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My Holiday to Greece!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Heyyoo Pretties! 

So today I was super happy that summer is on its way! For those that know me, they know that it is my FAVOURITE season. In summer, I am at my happiest. 

I was looking through some of last years photos from my holiday to Greece & I thought that I would share them here with you all. Greece is such a beautiful country and I can't wait to have another holiday there again, I am definately going to try and learn the language soon in the future.

Where we stayed there were 3 beaches. One main beach that was popular, and the rest I liked to consider hidden little beaches, they were very beautiful.

The shops there were adorable. It created such a nice atmoshere, all cheery and happy and everyone smiling. Plus, it smelt ah-maz-ing always, they sold a lot of soaps which of course I purchased. They are all wrapped and presented so delicately.
Have you seen these traditional Greek dolls? (I really love them)

Here was where we could eat breakfast everyday. It was really peaceful, I wish I could still be here every morning.

The meals and drinks we had everyday were such good quality, it was my first chance to try proper Greek food- two words...Yummy Scrummy!

Our family evening walks was probably my favourite thing to do on holiday. Me and my mum both enjoyed getting dressed up. 
My dress was from New Look, I simply love it! 

There was a lot of friendly cats around. I seemed to attract them all *wink* I'm a cat magnet.

Can I be back here please? 

*shameless mirror selfie*

Well that's all from me today for this post. Hopefully they make you feel just as excited for summer as I am! 

Ciao xxx

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