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Minnie- Big weekend! | Swimming Day, bike rides & cakes!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Heyooo Everyooneee!!!

Fraz came down on the Friday to come and see me before my birthday. He does live farish away but we always make it work & we do get to see each other ALOT which is really super- good hehe! He wanted to come down and see me before my birthday and I thought it would be fantastic to have a swimming day. So on the saturday; Fraz, Lily & I went together, I couldn't take any pictures as I didn't bring my camera and I'd rather it was kept safetly at home. The indoor pool we went to was incredible, water shoots and waves and lots to do- it was so much funnnnn! 
After we just went to good ol' McD's, (I always have a happy meal, shhh!)

This was the cute pink-hearted bag I took swimming with me and I love it! It fits all I need in including my huge towel! The bottom of the bag is really strong and steady as are the handles. What I like most about the handles is that they are super comfy on my shoulder they never seem to dig into me, it's just the perfect sized bag. Just look at the cute little heart button urgh! 

We made Rice Krispie cakes on the Sunday! We used golden syrup with ours, milk chocolate and added sprinkles, and let's just say there is now only one left! Yum!

Me & Fraz also went on a bike ride together around the village it was amazing! I actually haven't been on my bike for aggeess! :O 
When was the last time you lovely lot went on your bikes?

Arnesby Fair was on today, the village roads were closed off  & there was cake stalls, games, raffles, shows, barbecues and everyone had a good time. Thankfully it didn't rain and it was overally just a really good weekend.

I love having these chatty type of blog posts about my weekend, and I'd love to hear about everyone else's also! Even if it was just sitting indoors all day- it's still something! Let me know three things below I'd love to have a little read. Also, let me know if you enjoy these type of blog posts!

Ciao! xxx

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