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Meet Belle ♥

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I have realised that I've never properly introduced you to my little Piggie Babies. Each of them have their own little characteristics!

Meet Belle 

 So this is my little girly. Belle Boo is actually soooo tiny! She is 9 months old and is very dainty. Her favourite food is cucumber & she loves cuddling up to soft things.

Ever since we made a guinea pig play pen outside, Belle is slowly but steadily becoming more energetic. She is still very shy and likes hiding away unlike her sister Bambi, but we still love her anyway- it's cute!

Look at that fluffy fur! She is absolutely adorable. She get's quite scared sometimes but once she realises she is safe and sound she loves to cuddle up to you! She is really beautiful!

 She is honestly a guinea-pig Princess. She likes being spoilt! She isn't very noisey but when she speaks to you she has such a cute squeaky voice, she loves telling you about her day!

She loves strolling around in her little bow too! (we only put it on her for a short time not constantly) I'm so proud to have this liccle one!
Belle has a message for you all: "wheeeeeeekkkkkkk hewoo! Thanks for rweading! :3 wheekk"

Hehe, Ciao! xxx

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