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Meet Bambi ♥

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

So you have now met Belle, time to meet my other baby Bambi!

Meet Bambi 
 Now where to start! This little fluffy madam is so mischevious! She will literally cuddle up and chat away to anyone. She is a lot chubbier than Belle but she is very cuddly!

Her favourite food is dandelions from the garden, she loves having them as a little treat! She is a happy little piggie, always pocorning and always gets VERY excited for her veggies! 

Bam Bam always comes out to say hello and she comletely trusts us. She is never quiet! 
Fact: Bambi can kiss on demand, and can run to her cage from another room! She is really clever, *Proud Piggie Mummy Moment*

Hugs? Gladly! Bambino is definately more playful and lively than her sister. She even seems to enjoy bath time! She's honestly such a beautiful piggie, just look at that faaacceeee! 
 I love her! 

So now you have met both of my piggies! 
If any of you have piggies what are their characcteristics like?
Having my piggies make me so so happy and always cheer me up!

Wheek! Ciao! xxx

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