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Male Hair Products!

Monday, 25 May 2015


My blog is usually filled with girly make-up & beauty reccommendations. However, as Fraz came down this weekend. He asked me to help him shop for some hair products he could use, 
(I was happy about this just because it meant Fraz was actually excited for once to walk around the shops with me, haha! Boyyyss!)

I suggested instead of normal hair gel, that perhaps he could try a volumising mousse and I found the: 'TRESemme Volume & Lift Extra Body Mousse' which can be found either in Boots/ Superdrug which I think is selling for £5.25. I squirted around a palm- sized amount into my hands and ran it through his hair with my fingers and blow dried it off. 
The next product we used was the 'L'Oreal Studio Line Matt Messy Sea Salt Spray' which we sprayed and brushed in the direction he wanted his hair to go and blow dried again lightly. 

Then we finished off with this Pomade you can purchase for around £4.65,
this was to sculpt and style and it works really well, I created a twist and a little flick to the side as a change from having spiked up hair. 
It smells of coconut which is supppperrr nice! Plus, not much needs to be used so it's really effective!

Taa-Daa! Finished Hairstyle!

Ciao! xxx

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