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Best Friend Tag

Saturday, 16 May 2015

  Lily & Me ❊

How and when did you meet?
Our first day of high school we were all forced to go on an adventure trip for three days to learn team work and make friends with all the new people that would soon become your peers. Everyone was able to choose their room mates and I was teamed up to share a room with some girls I previously knew from my primary school. Lily came from a different primary school and we had never met before, I said she could come share with us and it was the best decision ever made and from that day on we have practically been like sisters.

Describe your best friend in one word

Something that annoys you about your best friend?
Two Words: COLD. FEET. (she knows exactly what I mean) haha!

Favourite inside joke?
"Keep it cleaaaaaannnnn" *currently laughing now*

Something you are both obssessed about?

Do you and your bestfriend have anything matching?
We have quite a few tops and clothing items that are the same. We wore the same dresses abroad!

Ever been on holiday together?
Of course! We went to Majorca, Spain. It was brilliant having my best friend tag along with me! 

Do you share a favourite colour?

Name something your bestfriend may not know about you?
I still think she looks a little like meg from Family Guy! Haha, sorry lils!

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
About the same. But recently it has been me who takes the longest! Whoopsie daisy!

What nickname do you give to your bestfriend?

If you have a best friend tag them below in the comments!

Ciao xxx

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